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Period 1 6th Grade P.E.
Period 2 Prep period
Period 3 6th Grade P.E.
Period 4 6th Grade P.E.
Period 5 6th Grade P.E.
Period 6 6th Grade P.E.

Debbie Kjellberg

I have been teaching at Hoover for the past 17 years, and am looking forward to another great year with the students at Hoover.

All students received a locker in August and were told not to share their combinations with anyone.

San Jose Unified P.E. shirts and shorts can be purchased at the student store during both lunch periods.  The cost is $25.00 for both items.  Grey sweatshorts and sweatpants can be worn throughout the year.  The sweats (shorts and pants) can be purchased at local retail stores.

A parent’s note will excuse a child from an activity for up to three days.  A student who must be excused from an activity for more than 3 days must bring a medical note from a doctor.  Students with a parent or doctor’s note are still required to dress in their P.E. clothes.

Students are required to bring a swimming suit and towel.  All clothing must be taken home daily and dried.  If students want to wear a shirt over their swimming suit, it must be made of 100% nylon.  Sixth graders will be swimming from Mon. 10/19 to Mon. 11/9.

Grades are based on participation, skills tests and written exams.  Students who have an excused absence can make up credit for that day by:

Exercising for 30 minutes and having an adult verify it
Writing about a sports article he/she read
Writing about a sporting event attended

Written make-ups should be one-half page, hand written, and must be turned in during the grading period the absence occurred in.  Progress reports are mailed home every six weeks.

Students will be held responsible for material covered in P.E.  There may be skills tests and/or written tests.

Questions or Concerns
Please contact me between 7:30 – 8:15 am/12:30-12:40 pm/3:00-3:30 pm, at 535-6274 Ext.231.  If I am unable to answer, please leave a message along with your number and I will return your call with in 2 working days.

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