CLASS Information

For your information, listed below are the curriculum, class materials, grading system, and classroom rules and expectations for my class.


We will be covering several topics this year, with emphasis on its application to real life situations.  The topics included are:

For 8th Grade Math
    Modeling with Statistics; Linear Functions; Solving Linear Equations; Properties of Exponents;
Pythagorean Theorem; Two-Dimensional Geometry; and Three Dimensional Geometry.

For Algebra 1 (HE)
Creating and Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities; Linear and Exponential Relationship; Expressions and Equations; Quadratic Functions and Modeling; and Descriptive Statistics.

For Geometry
  Angle Pairs and Proof; Transformations, Congruence and Proof; Properties and Attributes of Parallelogram; Similarity; Right Triangles and Trigonometry; Circles; Connecting Algebra to Geometry; and Extending to 3-Dimensions.


In order to succeed in this class you will need to be very organized and MUST come to class always prepared with the following materials:
  *Lined papers and pencils with erasers.
  *Binder to keep all worksheets and homeworks.
  *Straightedge, compass and protractor (for Geometry).


Students will be graded each marking period based on the following:

            90-100%          A
            80-89-9%        B
            70-79.9%        C
            60-69.9%        D
              0 -59.9%        F

All works MUST be done in pencil and accompanied by a solution for teacher review and written legibly on a labeled lined paper.


In order for everyone to have an equal opportunity to learn, these are the rules and class expectations everyone MUST observed.
  *Students will arrive on time, remain seated, be quiet and be awake during class time.
  *Respect your teacher, yourself and others.
  *Listen to speaker without interrupting.
  *All school rules apply and the R2S3 outlined in HMS handbook.
  *Give yourself and your classmates the BEST opportunity to learn.
  *NO gums, food and drinks allowed inside the classroom.
  *Cellphones and other electronic gadgets MUST remain off while inside the classroom and out of the teacher’s sight.


Should any of the above rules be broken either of the following consequences shall apply.
  *Verbal Warning
  *Student/Teacher conference
  *Removal from the classroom or detention/RC
  *Parent/teacher conference (phone call home)
  *Other administrative action

I expect to have a classroom environment where students can work together, have fun while helping and learning from each other.  Eight grades should know well how to conduct themselves in a classroom.  This is an area in which I can really use your help and support and I may find it necessary to call you at home should a need arise.

I can be reached at (408)535-6274 ext.122 or through e-mail at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Mr. Elizalde M. Mazon

Homework Help Online

Just click on the link for each topic to see the exercises and watch the tutorial video of a particular lesson in ALGEBRA. Note that we are now implementing the COMMON CORE STATE STANDARD, so not all these topics will be covered this year.


2.1 Solving One-Step Equations
2.2 Solving Two-Step Equations
2.3 Solving Multi-Step Equations
2.4 Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides
2.6 Solving Literal Equations for a Variable
2.7 Solving Absolute-Value Equations



3.1 Graphing and Writing Inequalities
3.2 Solving Inequalities by Adding/Subtracting
3.3 Solving Inequalities by Multiplying/Dividing
3.4 Solving Two-Step and Multi-Step Inequalities
3.5 Solving Inequalities with Variables on Both Sides



4.3 Writing Functions
5.1 Linear Equations and Functions
5.2 Using Intercepts
5.3 Slope
5.5 Slope-Intercept Form
5.6 Point-Slope Form
5.7 Parallel & Perpendicular Lines



6.1 Solving Systems by Graphing
6.2 Solving Systems by Substitution
6.3 Solving Systems by Elimination
6.4 Solving Special Systems
6.5 Applying Systems



6.6 Solving Linear Inequalities
6.7 Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities



7.6 Polynomials
7.7 Adding & Subtracting Polynomials
7.8 Multiplying Polynomials
7.9 Special Products of Binomials



8.1 Factors & Greatest Common Factors
8.2 Factoring by GCF
8.3 Factoring x^2 + bx + c
8.4 Factoring ax^2 + bx + c
8.5 Factoring Special Products
8.6 Choosing a Factoring Method



9.1 Quadratic Equations & Functions
9.2 Characteristics of Quadratic Functions
9.3 Graphing Quadratic Functions



9.4 Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing
9.5 Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
9.6 Solving Quadratic Equations by Using Square Roots



10.3 Simplifying Rational Expressions
10.4 Multiplying & Dividing Rational Expressions
10.5 Adding & Subtracting Rational Expressions
10.7 Solving Rational Equations
10.8 Applying Rational Equations



11.2 Simplifying Radical Expressions
11.3 Adding & Subtracting Radical Expressions
11.4 Multiplying & Dividing Radical Expressions
11.5 Solving Radical Equations


Homework Corner

Here’s the homework for Mr. Mazon’s 8th Grade MATH/ALGEBRA 1/GEOMETRY Classes

b>Week 2 of 2nd Marking Period


Monday (10/07)

[For 1 ONLY] Worksheet : 4-2 Practice A
[For 2 ONLY] Worksheet: 4-2 Practice A
[For 3,4 and 5 ] Worksheet: 4-2 Reading Strategies


Tuesday (10/08)

[For 1 ONLY] Worksheet : 4-2 Practice B
[For 2 ONLY] Worksheet: Pythagorean Theorem
[For 3,4 and 5 ]Worksheet : 4-2 Practice A


Wednesday (10/09)

[For 1 ONLY]  Quiz #4
[For 2 ONLY] Worksheet: More on Pythagorean Theorem
[For 3,4 and 5 ]  Algebra Unit 1 Common Core Assessment (Part 2)


Thursday (10/10)

[For 1 ONLY] Introduction to Writing Linear Function
[For 2 ONLY] Worksheet: Triangle Sum Theorem
[For 3,4 and 5 ] Intro to Solving Linear System


Friday (10/11)

    Have a great weekend!

b>Week 1 of 2nd Marking Period

Monday (09/23)

[For 1 ONLY] Packet: Unit Test Practice Review  
[For 2 ONLY] Worksheet: Writing Two Column Proof
[For 3,4 and 5 ] Writing and Solving Inequality (Done in class)


Tuesday (09/24)

[For 1 ONLY] Unit 1 Common Core Assessment
[For 2 ONLY] Review
[For 3,4 and 5 ] Review


Wednesday (09/25)

[For 1 ONLY]  Introduction to Linear Function
[For 2 ONLY] Geometry Unit 1 Common Core Assessment
[For 3,4 and 5 ]  Algebra Unit 1 Common Core Assessment


Thursday (09/26)

[For 1 ONLY] Examples & Non Examples of Function
[For 2 ONLY]
[For 3,4 and 5 ]


Friday (09/27)

      - Enjoy your FALL Break! -

    Have a great weekend!

b>Week 6 of 1st Marking Period

Monday (09/16)

[For 1 ONLY]  Slope of the Line  
[For 2 ONLY] Inductive Reasoning
[For 3,4 and 5 ] Writing Inequality in Two Variables

Tuesday (09/17)

[For 1 ONLY] Slope of the Line of Best Fit
[For 2 ONLY] Conditional, Converse and Biconditional Statement
[For 3,4 and 5 ] Writing and Solving Inequality in Two Variables


Wednesday (09/18)

[For 1 ONLY]  Slope in Word Problems
[For 2 ONLY]  Writing Two Column Proofs
[For 3,4 and 5 ] Solving and Graphing Inequality


Thursday (09/19)

[For 1 ONLY]  Worksheet on Slope
[For 2 ONLY] More on Writing Proofs
[For 3,4 and 5 ] Review on Inequality


Friday (09/20)

      - End of MARKING PERIOD 1 -

    Have a great weekend! 

b>Week 5 of 1st Marking Period

Monday (09/09)

[For 1 ONLY] Line of Best Fit
[For 2 ONLY] Transversal and Parallel Lines
[For 3,4 and 5 ] Writing and Solving Inequality

Tuesday (09/10)

[For 1 ONLY] Line of Best Fit
[For 2 ONLY] Transversal and Parallel Lines
[For 3,4 and 5 ] Writing and Solving Inequality with Graph


Wednesday (09/11)

[For 1 ONLY] 
[For 2 ONLY]
[For 3,4 and 5 ]


Thursday (09/12)

[For 1 ONLY] 
[For 2 ONLY]
[For 3,4 and 5 ]


Friday (09/13)

      - N O N E -

    Have a great weekend! 
b>Week 4 of 1st Marking Period

Monday (09/01)



Tuesday (09/03)

[For 1 ONLY] Making Our Own Scatter Plot
[For 2 ONLY] Angle Bisectors
[For 3,4 and 5 ] Modeling Functions with Algebra


Wednesday (09/04)

[For 1 ONLY] Making Our Own Scatter Plot , p.7-8
[For 2 ONLY]
[For 3,4 and 5 ] Writing Linear Equation in Different Forms


Thursday (09/05)

[For 1 ONLY] 
[For 2 ONLY] Angle Pairs Using Algebra
[For 3,4 and 5 ]


Friday (09/06)

      - N O N E -

    Have a great weekend! 




I would like to congratulate the family and parents/guardians of the following students for their outstanding academic performance during the 1st Marking Period

  These are the “Top Students” in my 8th Grade Math/Algebra 1/Geometry classes. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Period 1:
*Semaj Kenney
*Abigail Munoz
*Nina Marie Munoz
*Daniela Najera
*Jose Luis Orozco Jr.
*Cali Paez
*Jesus Rodriguez
*Hazel Stange

Period 2:
*Alicia Gomez
*Annika King
*Justin Le
*April Lopez
*Kira Martinez
*Deena Umeda

Period 3:
*Ariana Amaya
*Meredith Birdsong
*Kalea Kaui
*Vinh Luu
*Diana Olivares
*Stephanie Sausele
*Karla Velasquez

Period 4:
*Enzo Filangeri
*Adam Henriques
*Thu Tran
*Alex Vu
*Gianna Zades

Period 5:
*Nayeli Jimenez
*Chloe Angelique Lojera
*Jena Refuerzo
*David Reyes
*Kaitlyn Scadina Mansfield
*Henry Taylor
*James Taylor
*Kimberly Vela
*Peter Vu

  Parents and families, your continued support on our students are highly appreciated.  Together we can make it happen.


Mr. Elizalde M. Mazon


Elizalde M. Mazon

Room #122
Phone: 408-535-6274
Email:  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


MON thru FRI

Period 1 - 8:29-9:26
Period 2 - 9:32-10-28
Period 3 - 10:34-11:30
Lunch Break
Period 4 - 12:06-1:02
Period 5 - 1:08-2:04
Period 6 - 2:10-3:06


Homework Help:

  Before-school (MTWThF)
  After-school (By Appointment)


Sep. 1           : Labor Day
Sep. 29-Oc. 03 : Fall Break
Nov. 27-28   : Thanksgiving
Dec. 17-19   : Sem 1 Finals
Dec.22-Jan.5 :New Year Break
Feb. 16-20       Winter Break
Apr. 13-17       : Spring Break
June 02-04     : Sem 2 Finals



Find the product of…


Submit your answer to Mr. Mazon (for EXTRA CREDIT) together with your work or explanation on how you arrived at the answer.



“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.”

-Helen Keller-



Why is Math book always sad? Because it has a lot of problems!

Why did the parents think their little variable was sick? The nurse said he need to be isolated!

What did the doctor say to the multi-step inequality? I can solve your problem with a few operations!

Teacher: Where’s the graph of your function?
Student: It was intercepted on my way to school.

What happened to the quadratic polynomial when it feel asleep on the beach? It got a second-degree burns?

Teacher: What is b + b?
Shakespeare: Is it 2b or not 2b?

Reference:HOLT Algebra 1

Mr. Mazon

Mr. Mazon’s 8th Grade Math, Algebra 1 and Geometry Class

Welcome to Hoover Middle School! 
For those of you who are new to Hoover, I especially welcome you and look forward to working with you to make this a very successful and enjoyable class for your child.  Eight grade is an exciting time with high school just around the corner.  Algebra 1 and Geometry are high school equivalent class and in some ways more challenging than those offered in high school.  The learning of math is developmental with one skill building on the next.  It is necessary for your child to keep up with his/her work and must always come to class with the completed homework and all materials needed to learn.  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little about what we’ll be doing in class for this school year.  My name is Elizalde Mazon and I have been in the teaching profession for more than twenty years. I’m so glad to be part of the Hoover family for eight years now and very pleased to be your child’s teacher in Math.

For more informations and class expectations, click HERE.

Remember to do your homework on a daily basis, practice, practice and practice makes perfect.  Should you need help on a homework, please see me before school (in my room everyday) or after school (by appointment except on Tuesdays and Fridays). For the complete list of the homework, click the link below.


Reference TEXTBOOK

To access the online version of the textbook when working on your homework, click on the link below.



Practice Math

How to write equation of a Line when two points are given.

To solve a Linear Equation for an unknown variable.

Solving a System of Linear Equation in two variables.

How to solve a quadratic equation using QUADRATIC FORMULA

The Amazing History of Pi It’s long and interesting.

I would like to congratulate the parents and family of the following students for their outstanding academic performance during the 1st Marking Period. Click
CONGRATULATIONS! for the list of students.

Here’s the MATH GLOSSARY if you need to know the meaning and see example for a particular math terminology. It’s not just a glossary, it’s a multilingual glossary.


Mr. Elizalde M. Mazon
8th Grade Math/Algebra 1/Geometry Teacher