I would like to congratulate the family and parents/guardians of the following students for their outstanding academic performance during the 1st Marking Period

  These are the “Top Students” in my 8th Grade Math/Algebra 1/Geometry classes. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Period 1:
*Semaj Kenney
*Abigail Munoz
*Nina Marie Munoz
*Daniela Najera
*Jose Luis Orozco Jr.
*Cali Paez
*Jesus Rodriguez
*Hazel Stange

Period 2:
*Alicia Gomez
*Annika King
*Justin Le
*April Lopez
*Kira Martinez
*Deena Umeda

Period 3:
*Ariana Amaya
*Meredith Birdsong
*Kalea Kaui
*Vinh Luu
*Diana Olivares
*Stephanie Sausele
*Karla Velasquez

Period 4:
*Enzo Filangeri
*Adam Henriques
*Thu Tran
*Alex Vu
*Gianna Zades

Period 5:
*Nayeli Jimenez
*Chloe Angelique Lojera
*Jena Refuerzo
*David Reyes
*Kaitlyn Scadina Mansfield
*Henry Taylor
*James Taylor
*Kimberly Vela
*Peter Vu

  Parents and families, your continued support on our students are highly appreciated.  Together we can make it happen.


Mr. Elizalde M. Mazon

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