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Mr. Hartung
7th and 8th Grade Social Studies
(408) 535-6274 x53107
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Mr. Hartung

Welcome to Mr. Hartung’s update - January 2019

Happy New Year!

I am looking forward to Semester 2 starting…but I am still trying to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation before that happens…see you all on the 8th!

I have been alerted that this website that links to our staff directory will no longer be supported going forward. It will be up to each teacher to establish and maintain a website of their own for updates. I would like to do that but don’t know the first thing about it. If there is anyone reading this update on a regular basis please reach out to me so that I know whether or not establishing a website is a useful endeavor.

Mr. Hartung

Rori Garfinkel

Susan Dorofey

Rebecca Bateman

Linh Tran

Andrea Reyna

Shelley teaches three levels of orchestra:
Intermediate - Allegro
Advanced - Vivace

Orchestra Syllabus 2015-16

The Wheel

Shelley MacAllister

Shelley MacAllister teaches orchestra in San Jose at Hoover Middle School. Previous to this Shelley, taught 4th-12th grade Strings in Spokane Valley, Washington. This is her 5th year in SJUSD, having taught the Strings Program at Trace Elementary from 2009 to 2014.

Prior to teaching Shelley played viola professionally for the King’s Royal Flemish Opera in Antwerp, Belgium for 12 years.  During that time she also performed as a singer and actress, in opera and musical theater.  She also played professionally as a violinist and violist in the Spokane Symphony.

Shelley obtained her B.A. and teaching credential from San Francisco State and her masters in Music Education from Eastern University in Cheney, Washington.

Shelley has a passionate love for teaching strings to young people.  She is absolutely at her happiest when working with orchestra students!  She is very grateful that SJUSD has a thriving orchestra program.

Laura Hale

Kathryn Williams

Jessica Rodriguez

Esmeralda Muniz

Elizabeth James

Megan Wood

Albert Mendez

Heather Maat

Jenelle Horn

Maryloie Rivera

Denisha Connet

Instructional Coach - Math

Hoover Middle School
Willow Glen Middle School
Lincoln High School

Alvin Marquez

Melissa Bechinna

Monica Veach

Class Materials
Students MUST be organized and always come to class with his/her:
• Spiral Notebook preferably graph paper
• Pencils (at least 2)
• Dry Erase Markers


Welcome to Mrs. Strey’s class!

MATH 8 is a national curriculum that has been adopted by the state of California for most students to take in the 8th grade.  It is a new class that covers the common core curriculum.  Common Core is based on the application side of math so you will know how to use math in daily life (not just the classroom).  We will be covering a wide range of mathematical topics this year that were previously taught in the first semester of a high school Algebra class.  This will prepare you for a successful completion of Algebra in 9th grade. 
Our topics include:
• Modeling and Statistics—create & analyze graphs and tables
• Linear Functions—looking at a graph & creating an equation to match it
• Solving Linear Equations—solve for x
• Properties of Exponents—working with exponents
• Pythagorean Theorem—finding the third side of a triangle
• Two-Dimensional Geometry—working with rectangles, angles and triangles
• Three-Dimensional Geometry—working with cubes and spheres

When learning Math 8 you will find that new skills are built upon existing knowledge, so don’t fall behind on your assignments!  You will need to keep up with your work and come to class with all the materials necessary for success.

Tips for Supporting Your Student
As a virtual teacher, I worked closely with parents and guardians to help them educate their students.  Your role is integral to your student’s success in my class and at Hoover Middle School this year.  While I understand that many of you may not be comfortable in your math skills, there are still ways to help your student achieve.  Here are few tips:

• Ask your student questions like, “What did you do in math class today?
• Ask your student to see his/her homework.  Then point to a problem and ask him/her how he/she did that one.
• Check the Infinite Campus once a week to see where your student is and how regularly he/she has turned in work.
• Email me anytime to see how they are doing and when any questions arise.
• Encourage your student to go to the homework center regularly.  Located in the media center (Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays).

Carl Herman
Hoover Middle School
Room #121

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Phone: 408.535.6274 x121

My Class Schedule
Per 1 - Algebra-Ready
Per 2 - Math 8
Per 3 - Math 8
Per 4 - Math 8
Per 5 - Math 8
Per 6 - Math 8

I am available to help students and have conferences before school and at lunch.

I can meet with parents before school, lunch, and right after school.

Carl Herman


Mathematics is the language of reality. Everything real (objectively verifiable) can be described in mathematical language that measures what happens. Critical thinking skills of mathematics help us operate intelligently and effectively in the real world. In contrast, and also importantly, what we say about reality with our opinions and interpretations are our choices to voice what empowers us. This is artistic and free to bring unique, powerful, and beautiful self-expression to our interaction with mathematically-measurable reality.

Although adults do not use all the math skills taught in secondary school courses, we all use detailed and critical thinking to understand and solve problems, face reality with courage, and achieve the measurable outcomes we want.

Common Core integrates language arts skills with mathematics to provide students with the power to embrace reality with the grace of artistic self-expression (or so we artistically declare). This allows more time for students to master less mathematics content, and expands students’ skills to explain how mathematics formulas are working.

Math 7 Common Core information and Math 8 are at the links for your convenience.

Please contact me (e-mail is most convenient for me) if I can be of service in any way.

Carl Herman



Contact information:
Room: #H-206
Phone # :  535-6274
e-mail : .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Best time to call : 7:45am to 8:15am

Lyn Graves

This week we will be reviewing circumference and area of circles and surface area. There will be homework Tuesday through Thursday.  This will be the last week of homework this school year.

If at any time you need to contact me, please e-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call the school at 408-535-6478.

Homework for week of 5-30 to 6-2

Monday -  vacation
Tuesday -  worksheet #30
Wednesday -  worksheet #31
Thursday -  worksheet #32
Friday -  no homework


Emily Burton


Thank you for visiting my personal website. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and let you know about fulfilling the vision and mission of Hoover Middle School.
I am in my 11th year in education. I was a high school History / Social Sciences teacher for 8 years prior to joining San Jose Unified School District, 2 years at Gilroy High School and 6 years at Santa Clara High School. I absolutely loved to expose students to issues and events from the past and I enjoyed teaching students to analyze how these issues and events shaped the world we live in today.

Aaron Lilly

Site Under Construction

Carol Ikegami
Ms. Ikegami
Technology Instructor
Room 134
(408) 535-6274 x 134
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Student Links>


GameStar Mechanic Student

P4 Code
P6 Code

Carol Ikegami

Hello, I am the technology instructor here at Hoover in the Visual, Technical, and Performing Arts Department.  I’ve been a teacher at Hoover since 2001, teaching classes in Computer Art, Multimedia Art, Digital Photography, and Design. I’ve also taught Studio Art, Beginning Computers, and Stage Tech. Previous to teaching, I worked as a graphic designer for a Design and Photography studio for tech industry clients. I graduated from San Jose State University with degrees in Art and Industrial Design.

2016-17 Classes

Graphic Design:  This is a year-long course for 8th grade students.  The focus of this course will include the study of design from the various fields of Graphics, Photography, Industrial Design, Packaging, and Art History. Students create projects using Adobe Illustrator for drawing and illustration, and Adobe Photoshop to support using photographic images and for photo illustration. Students will be using their own artistic creativity to produce various projects and will also study how design encompasses all aesthetic aspects of contemporary society. Art/Design history will be explored with short writing assignments. Weekly keyboarding practice is also assigned to strengthen student computer skills. Additionally, current events from CNN Student News will inform students on news in contemporary media. Students will also have an introduction to code-writing from online sources.

Game Design:  This new 1-semester class, offered to both 7th and 8th graders, is designed to give students an introduction to Game Design. The approach to teaching Game Design uses various resources that include an introduction to code writing, as well as using some game-maker sites developed for students at the middle-school age range. The code writing resource is the building block to developing game design as well as building future career paths.  In this class, students will learn aspects of making a game, developing logic, strategy, and creating environments, besides creating challenges to users. They will also do research on games, and present their findings to the class through presentation software.  Students will also learn basics in computer drawing, using Adobe Illustrator software, to draw and create characters and environments for their own game concepts.  Art history and art appreciation will be included in a weekly writing portion to this class. Additionally, keyboarding practice is assigned to develop student computer skills as well as weekly current events review from CNN Student News.

Digital Photography:  This year-long class, offered to 8th graders, is based on creating and editing images from photographs. The class will begin with students learning to use Adobe Photoshop, a photo-editing and illustration software. Due to it’s complexity, we will be taking time to learn the tools to enhance and alter photos first. After gaining skills with Photoshop, students will learn to use digital cameras for our projects. Different types of photographic subject matter will be used for projects. Some of those projects will take us outside for photo projects, while other images can be taken in the classroom. Those images will be used for final digital enhancement in Photoshop. Finished projects will be unique, using student developed skills and their own creativity. Additionally, Art and Photography history will be explored and be will be used as a basis for many of our projects, and as a weekly writing assignment to this class. Weekly keyboarding practice is also a part of this class to strengthen student computer skills. Current events from CNN Student News help keep students updated on news in contemporary media.

Classroom Supplies

-  It is strongly recommended that students bring their own earbuds or headphones for my classes. If students prefer, I can store these items for use in class only, for safe-keeping. 


Goals I hope to instill in my students include:
-  Familiarize students to using technology
-  Teach students to use specific software
-  Incorporate technology to advance academic advancement
-  Encourage students towards career paths
-  Expand visual arts creativity and appreciation

General Policies

Grading Policy:
-  Projects - 50%
-  Classwork - 20%
-  Effort/Participation - 20%
-  Quizzes/Tests - 10%
-  Note:  Late work is accepted - no penalty, but it is highly recommended that work be turned in on time so that students avoid falling behind.

Discipline Policy:
1st - Verbal Warning
2nd - Seat move (temporary)
3rd - Writing Reflective Paper at another classroom
4th - Seat move (permanent) and/or phone call home
5th - Behavior referral + phone call home + visit to Mr. Bell, Assistant Principal of Discipline


Carol Ikegami
Technology Dept.
Herbert Hoover Middle School
1635 Park Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 535-6274 x 134
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Don McCloskey

Principal Hoover Middle School

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