If you need extra help, please see me after school.

Homework in general
Daily Review of notes and handouts; incomplete classwork needs to be finished as homework and is due the next day. Be prepared for announced and unannounced quizzes.

Ms. Litte-Bowen

Katrin Litte-Bowen

Welcome to 8th grade Science

Course Description:

Students will review safety in a science classroom, tools of a scientist, measurement with the metric system, and using the scientific method of investigation. The focus will be on physical Science topics following the California State Standards (URL:
We will study motion and forces (which includes solving problems involving distance, time, and average speed), balanced and unbalanced forces including the force of gravity and its role in forming and maintaining the shapes of planets, stars, and the solar system.  The concept of density and buoyancy will be introduced.
In the area of chemistry the focus will be on the structure of matter, changes of matter, and the chemistry of living systems. We will learn how the periodic table is useful to predict chemical reactions.  Finally, we will take a closer look at our solar system.
Science is important in many aspects of our lives. We will have activities and labs in our lessons where lab safety, following directions, problem solving, critical thinking and drawing conclusions will be practiced. My goal is to have an active dialogue with the students where they feel comfortable asking questions and taking risks in formulating possible answers.

Focus on Physical Science / Glencoe
This year we start working with brand new text books. It is the student’s responsibility to keep their books in as good condition as when they received it. If damage or loss occurs, students and parents will be charged. Textbook covers are strongly recommended.

Necessary Supplies:
• spiral notebook (single subject) – only to be used for Science !!
• two #2 pencils (sharpened) with eraser
• black or dark blue ink pen
• pencil sharpener
• highlighter
• 1” binder with lined paper and dividers
• a ruler (with centimeter scale)
• colored pencils
• calculator
• The binder and spiral notebook need to be brought to school every day. They will be checked announced and announced.

There will be homework, primarily in the form of
• review of class notes
• finishing a lab write-up
• completing worksheets
• study for test or quiz
• reading assignment
• home studies/ projects (assigned over an extended time period)

Students need to write down any homework assignments in their binder reminder and turn in homework by designated due dates in order to receive credit.

Late Work
Late work receives 75% credit if one day late, 50% credit if two days late. No further credit will be given for assignments turned in any later (unless it was an excused absence!

If a student is 1 day absent from class and the absence is excused, he/she may turn in homework on the day of returning to school.
For extended excused absences, students will get the same amount of days that they were absent to make up work. It is the student=s responsibility to get all make up work and turn in their work in a timely manner. Students should verify that the assignment received from a fellow student is accurate.  I strongly recommend for students to have study buddies.
I will be available after school for extra help if necessary and prior arrangements have been made.

Tardy Policy:
Be in your seat and ready for class to begin when the bell rings. (You are tardy if you are not sitting in your assigned seat when the bell rings.)

Dismissal from Class:
Students are expected to not pack up (close notebook, pack backpacks) until Mrs. Litte-Bowen has finished the lesson and dismisses the class.
Class is dismissed by Mrs. Litte-Bowen, not by the bell.

Discipline/ Behavior:
In order to be effective learners, all students need to have a classroom environment where learning can take place without disruptions from students.
My expectation is that all students will be respectful of each other and their teacher. No put downs are tolerated. Appropriate classroom language is required. Behaviors that detract from learning are not permitted.  Students need to follow the teacher’s directions.

Class Rules:
1. Be attentive and on task!
2. When the teacher is talking there will be no talking etc.  unless permission is given.
3. No writing or marking on school property.
4. There will be no running, shoving, using foul language or throwing objects in class.
5. Show respect to others and to their property.
6. Keep hands, feet and objects to self.
7. Sunglasses, hats, makeup and hairstyling products are not allowed to be used in the classroom.
8. No food, candy, or gum in the classroom. No drinks except water (in water bottles).
9. No electronic devices, including radio, photo cameras, headphones, music players, cell phones, pagers, may be used or taken out of backpacks in the classroom.

If a student is disruptive, a warning will be given.
For further disruptive behavior:
- teacher detention (30 minutes) after school (arriving on time is mandatory.  If student does not show up for detention, parental contact will be made, a referral to the office will be issued.)
- phone call to parents
- on-campus supervision (OCS)
- referral to the office

Extra Credit for good oral participation.

All graded work receives points which will be added up. This includes tests, quizzes, final exam, class work, homework, labs & activities, and projects. Students also earn points for citizenship.

The # of points you earn per grading period will be based on your attitude, preparation, and participation in class. You will receive points for good behavior, following instructions, joining class discussions, coming to class with your notebook , binder and pencil/ pen, being on time regularly, and raising your hand and volunteering answers.
You will lose points for acting rudely, distracting others, doing other things like writing notes, not doing the class-work, not coming to class prepared, or not participating in class discussions.

Grades are based on these percentages of your total points against total points possible:

100-98% A+ 79 – 78% C+
97 - 93% A 77 – 73% C
92 – 90% A- 72 – 70% C-
89 – 88% B+ 69 – 68% D+
87 – 83% B 67 – 61% D
82 – 80% B- 60 – 59% D-
58 or lower F

Out of Class Contact:
If you have any questions, call me at school at (408) 535-6274 or e-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
I will try to return your message as soon as possible.