Linda Amaris


My name is Linda Amaris and I am the Registrar for Hoover Middle School, this will be my 3rd year here at Hoover. 

My responsibility are as follows:
Take charge of setting up and maintaining student permanent records here at Hoover Middle School
Inform students and parents of school rules and uniform : roll:  policies;
Arrange for testing of new students and sets up tentative schedules when needed;
Refers students to appropriate administrator;
Transfer students out of school; 
Collect books and money from students who leave the school without returning them or paying amounts owed to school;
Request transcript of grades and records of new students from previous schools;
Send records of former students to other schools;
Develop and maintain routine recordkeeping systems for ADA;
Keep an accurate account on all students by grade level for enrollment reports;
Act as liaison with other schools, offices and school districts on matters related to student records;
Update and maintain accurate, complete records for students; may perform other clerical duties such as requesting homework for students who are ill;
Answer school phones and refer calls to appropriate sources;
May train and supervise assigned student workers and volunteers;
Assist other school office personnel when requested to by site administrator or designee;
Maintain and enter data through the use of computer terminals.
Explain the purpose of the Enrollment Centers; and direct parents to the Centers for assignment and registration.

If you have moved please go to the Burnett Enrollment Center to change your address and phone number.
110 E. Hedding ST. San Jose, CA. 95112 408-535-6412

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