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Mr. Hartung

Welcome to Mr. Hartung’s social studies class update - 9/17/2017

I continue in the classroom part time and am confidant I will return full time on the 25th of September. I do feel better and I miss my students - so I am doing what I can to make sure I hit the 25th in good shape. In class this week:

8th Grade - We continue to look at the colonies and colonial regions. Different development in different regions started early and only continues throughout the early years of the United States. Students have been researching the differing characteristics in their textbooks and will be working with maps of the regions this week as well.

7th Grade - We continue to look at the Fall of Rome and should wrap that up this week with a discussion about how Rome evolves into the Byzantine Empire upon moving East.

Yearbook - So much to do as we continue to organize ourselves and practice journalism and organizational skills. This week we will get our cameras and continue to develop photography skills. We will also start discussing a theme for this year’s book.

I have started entering grades again and am working through the assignments that were done with the substitute. If there is missing work for any reason please rest assured that I will provide the extra time necessary to get work made up.

As always - if you have questions or concerns please let me know. Thank you for all of your support.

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