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Mr. Hartung

Welcome to Mr. Hartung’s update - January 16, 2018 - (Please note that my extension has changed from 207 to 107)

Welcome back from the Monday holiday. My new classroom is working out great and my students are all off the a fantastic start to 2018…I keep writing 2017 on the board, but they are sharp enough to catch and correct me!

This week my students will focus on:

8th grade - Tuesday we have a topical look at an historical event from Martin Luther King Jrs life which ties nicely into our upcoming discussion about the rights protected by the US Constitution and how they impact young people today.  We round out the week finishing up the three branches, this week the Executive and the Judicial.

7th grade - our first unit of the second semester will be a look at Medieval Japan, and that continues this week. We are also trying our hand at historical fiction reading The Samurai’s Tale in class together.

Yearbook - the first deadline for page submission was January 15th - this week we will review what looked good and what could have been improved on the pages we submitted and outline a plan of attack for the next round which is due on February 12th.

With Gratitude,
Mr. Hartung

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