Mike Barbaccia

College – San Diego State
Born and raised in San Jose

Teaching at Hoover since 1994
Have taught PE in all grade levels and currently teaching 8th grade

Flag football coach from 2001-2008, in those years we took 1st place three times

Hobbies – Fishing, cooking, exercising, travel, watching football, and hanging out with my wife and dog

I believe Physical Education is a very important part of the school day.  A lot of students do not get the proper amount of exercise on a daily basis and need to be active at least 60 minutes a day.  This is where I come in.  I believe my class is fun, fair, and firm.  I always tell my classes that I practice what I preach.  Meaning, that I exercise and try to eat well and be active most of the time.  I also try to teach them the importance of good hygiene and why it is so important to stay healthy and exercise during their lifetime.  A healthy body will make a healthy mind.  There are many studies that prove when children exercise regularly, they improve their brain function and learn more.  I also tell them that it is important to have time for themselves and to make time to participate in their favorite sport, hobby, or activity.  For me, it’s all about fishing!

PE – 8th Grade

Course Description

Physical Education:  We will cover a wide variety of sports and skills.  This class is designed for self-improvement, skill development, social development, and lifelong healthy habits.  Exercise and participation will be the main focus.  Students will run a mile every week; have daily stretching and various warm-ups.  Many of the skills we cover come straight from the California Content Standards.

Grading Policy

Grades are based on participation, attendance, dressing out, some written work, and general attitude/behavior (participation is weighted the most).  Up to three points a day can be earned or lost.  There is no excuse to fail P.E.  Make-up work will be accepted within one week of an absence and extra credit may be given if needed.


Swimming, flag football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, hockey, weight training, softball, pickle ball, daily stretching/running, and various other activities.


Deodorant in locker, swimsuit, towel, bag, P.E. Uniform, light gray sweatpants/sweatshirts.  Make sure clothes are kept clean and washed weekly.

Behavior Policy

Safety is a big concern so there will be consequences for misuse of equipment.  Also, bad attitude, general locker room defiance, stealing, or any other bad behavior will be dealt with accordingly.


Parent notes are good for two days of non-participation.  Any longer will require a doctor’s note.  Please help me teach your child the importance of good hygiene, cleanliness, diet, and importance of exercise.

Contact Information

E-Mail is the quickest way to reach me: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Hoover’s main number: 408-535-6274

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