Class Materials
Students MUST be organized and always come to class with his/her:
• Spiral Notebook preferably graph paper
• Pencils (at least 2)
• Dry Erase Markers


Welcome to Mrs. Strey’s class!

MATH 8 is a national curriculum that has been adopted by the state of California for most students to take in the 8th grade.  It is a new class that covers the common core curriculum.  Common Core is based on the application side of math so you will know how to use math in daily life (not just the classroom).  We will be covering a wide range of mathematical topics this year that were previously taught in the first semester of a high school Algebra class.  This will prepare you for a successful completion of Algebra in 9th grade. 
Our topics include:
• Modeling and Statistics—create & analyze graphs and tables
• Linear Functions—looking at a graph & creating an equation to match it
• Solving Linear Equations—solve for x
• Properties of Exponents—working with exponents
• Pythagorean Theorem—finding the third side of a triangle
• Two-Dimensional Geometry—working with rectangles, angles and triangles
• Three-Dimensional Geometry—working with cubes and spheres

When learning Math 8 you will find that new skills are built upon existing knowledge, so don’t fall behind on your assignments!  You will need to keep up with your work and come to class with all the materials necessary for success.

Tips for Supporting Your Student
As a virtual teacher, I worked closely with parents and guardians to help them educate their students.  Your role is integral to your student’s success in my class and at Hoover Middle School this year.  While I understand that many of you may not be comfortable in your math skills, there are still ways to help your student achieve.  Here are few tips:

• Ask your student questions like, “What did you do in math class today?
• Ask your student to see his/her homework.  Then point to a problem and ask him/her how he/she did that one.
• Check the Infinite Campus once a week to see where your student is and how regularly he/she has turned in work.
• Email me anytime to see how they are doing and when any questions arise.
• Encourage your student to go to the homework center regularly.  Located in the media center (Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays).

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