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Terri Crabb

Hello Parents/Guardians and Students,                               

Welcome to 6th grade Math with Mrs. Crabb! 

The first day of school for the students is August 12.  The 1st Progress Report period ends on September 18, and grades will be downloaded next week, and those grades will be mailed home about 10 days after that.  All late work will ONLY be accepted if received by September 18.

Information for the 1st semester. 
• Each student needs a spiral notebook for notes in math class.
• Only math work done in pencil is acceptable, and will be given grade credit, so students should always have more than one pencil in their backpacks for class.  Work done in anything other than pencil will be either returned to the student to be redone, or recycled. 
• Students coming to class without materials will be required to complete an essay in class using teacher materials, and will lose any classwork points for that day.  Coming to class repeatedly without materials will be treated as defiance of teacher direction, and consequences will be assigned. 
• Homework help will be available in the Media Center after school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday from 3:15 - 4:15. Please see me for a sign-up sheet.

Course of Study
The course content will follow the California State Standards which includes: number theory, equations and expressions, ratios and proportions, geometry, statistics and probability.  A strong emphasis will be placed on developing and using problem solving skills.

Your student is required to bring the following materials in his/her backpack daily:

Two (2) spiral notebooks for math only
3 ring (2-3”)School Binder with dividers (This can be the same one used in LA/SS.)
Pencils (at least 3) with erasers - can be mechanical
Springboard Math Workbook
Dry-erase markers - blue or black
Binder paper
multi-color correcting / note taking pen(s)
Hoover planner (1st one will be provided free by the school, another must be purchased if lost)

The Math textbook called Holt Mathematics Course 1: Numbers to Algebra (blue book)  by Holt Rinehart and Winston, will be issued to each student at the beginning of the school year and collected at the end of the school year.  He/she will be held responsible for any damage to or misplacement of the textbook.
The school binder will be used to keep all math assignments until the end of an unit. 
The spiral notebooks will be used only for math notetaking and math homework.  Notes are taken regularly in class and are also provided to them.  Since students are allowed to use the notebooks on most tests, a complete, well-organized notebook can be a valuable resource.
To keep track of homework assignments, 6th graders will be required to copy their homework into the Hoover Planners.
Assessment and Grading
Students will be graded for points earned on the following scale:

90-100 %  A
80-89   %  B
70-79   %  C
60-69   %  D
Below 59 %  F

Students will receive full credit for all work completed and brought into class on the date due.  Assignments missed because of an excused absence need to be made up for full credit and turned in within an amount of time agreed upon by your student and myself.  Late assignments may be made up for half credit if turned in prior to the end of the three week grading period.

Students will earn points for the following activities:
*Homework -to be completed as needed every night     (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)
*Mad Minute tests (timed basic fact tests)
*Home Projects
* Basic Practice Sheets

Class Environment/Rules
To insure the best possible learning environment, all students will be expected to follow these rules in my class:
1.  Be on time, in your assigned location, and ready to work when the bell rings.
2.  Listen silently when the teacher or designated other is speaking.
3.  Raise your hand to get the teacher’s attention.
4.  Be kind to others and their property.
5.  Follow directions the 1st time they are given.
6.  Keep gum, food, or drinks outside (except water bottles).

If a student can follow these rules and accomplish academic goals set in class, he/she will earn rewards:
1. Academic achievement
2. Success in school and life
3. Weekly R2S3 card drawings
4. Stamps/Stickers that can be exchanged for incentive certificates

If a student does not follow these rules and/or the rules of Hoover Middle School the following consequences might occur:
1. Verbal Warning
2. Student moved to another location in the classroom
      3.  Student moved to another classroom
4. Parent Phone Call)
5. Behavior Referral to the AP Discipline

Parent Involvement
Communication between home and school is important to your student’s success at middle school.  To keep you informed and aware of what we are doing in class,  your student will be required to write down all assignments in their homework binder reminders.  Please take the time to check and discuss the assignments with your student.  Set a time and place for your student to do his/her homework each evening.  You are also encouraged to visit the classroom at any time.
Your student will also be receiving a computerized print-out of his/her math progress grade every 3 weeks.  Again, please take the time to review and discuss this grade (excellent or need improvement) with your student.  This grade check is required to be signed by you, the parent/guardian, and returned to me within 3 days to earn points.

Individual Assistance
Students are encouraged to form study groups, get homework help from me, and work with you whenever possible.  Homework help is available in the Media Center after school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday from 3:15 - 4:15. Please see Sr. Josefina Rosales for a sign-up sheet.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at Hoover 535-6274 x128 or my e-mail address is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  I am looking forward to meeting each of you and working with both you and your student this semester.


Terri Crabb

Homework for Week of 8/17 - 21

Parent Letter - 8/17
Math Practices - worksheet - 8/18 (Math in Life Poster - due 8/25)
Multiply with Algorithm and Area Model - worksheet - 8/19
Division-worksheet - 8/20

Homework for Week of 8/24 - 28

Pg 5 in Springboard Math Workbook #14, 15 & 16 - 8/24
Pg 10 in Springboard Math Workbook #9, 12, 13, 14 - 8/25
Pg 13 in Springboard Math Workbook #8, 9, 10, 11- 8/26
Division Worksheet - 8/27


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