Student Support Counseling

Counseling Offered at Muir

Our Student Support Counselor will be facilitating some counseling groups for students to learn coping skills to help them with social/friendship issues (making positive connections); emotional self-care (how to cope with emotions, problem solving, etc.); making positive decisions in school (staying on task in class, following directions, working in groups, etc.).  If you would like your child to participate in any of these groups or if your child would like to see a counselor at school, please contact our student support counselor, Ms. Ana Fierro-Estrada at (408) 535-6281, ext. 54402.  Our counseling support also counts with counselor interns from Almaden Valley Counseling who can meet with students individually and/or group.

Ana Fierro-Estrada
Student Support Counselor
John Muir Middle School
(408) 535-6281 EX. 54402
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*I provide counseling services to student/family. This may include, but is not limited to individual counseling, group counseling, crisis counseling, and support/monitoring of targeted high-risk students.
*I provide truancy intervention aimed at targeted student/family as identified by district data.
*I consult with parents to support student learning and to identify student/family needs.  Consultations may include, but are not limited to, home visits, parent information meetings, parent support prior to intervention meetings, and referral to school and community resources.
*Crisis Team Members:  I respond to and follow-up with site crisis calls to support student assessment, behavior support plans, conflict management, consultation with provider organizations, and parent/staff consultation.

If you would like to refer your child for counseling support at school, have a question regarding the attendance of your child, and/or would like to meet with me, please give me a call at (408) 535-6281, ext.  54402. 

Ana Fierro-Estrada
Consejera de Apoyo para Estudiantes
John Muir Middle School

*Yo proveo servicios de consejeria al estudiante/familia. Esto incluye, pero no se limita a consejeria individual, consejeria en grupo, consejeria en caso de crisis y apoyo/supervisión a estudiantes con alto riesgo.
*Yo proveo intervenciones sobre el absentismo escolar para el estudiante/familia identificado por los datos del distrito.
*Yo consulto con los padres para apoyar el aprendizaje del estudiante e identificar necesidades del estudiante/familia. Estas consultas pueden incluir, pero no son limitadas a, visitas en la casa, reuniones de información para los padres, apoyo para los padres antes de las reuniones de intervención, y referimientos a recursos de la escuela y la comunidad.
*Miembros del Equipo de Crisis:  Yo respondo y apoyo con las llamadas en caso de crisis para apoyar en el asesoramiento del estudiante, planes de apoyo para el comportamiento, ayudar en resolver conflictos, consultar con organizaciones que proveen servicios, y consultas con padres/ personal.

Si usted desea referir a su hijo/hija para consejería en la escuela, tiene una pregunta sobre la asistencia de su hijo/hija, y/o le gustaría reunirse conmigo, favor de llamarme al (408) 535-6281, ext. 54402.