Helping Your Adolescent Suceed

15 Ways to Help Your Adolescent Succeed Better in School

1. Providing a consistent sleep schedule. (Young adolescents need eight hours of sleep.)

2. Providing a well balanced diet.

3. Establishing a schedule that permits ample time to get ready for school and results in a timely school arrival.

4. Encouraging him/her to set aside time for daily homework and reading.

5. Providing a quiet, comfortable place without distractions to study.

6. Encouraging him/her to make wise television viewing choices.

7. Asking in a variety of ways about daily homework assignments.

8. Comparing your child’s progress to his or her abilities, not to siblings or other children.

9. Praising your child when homework/responsibilities are completed.

10. Creating a homework Survival Kit. Assignment notebook, pencil, paper, pencil sharpener, eraser, scissors, dictionary, calculator, and ruler.

11. Telling your young adolescent you expect him/her to do homework independently, but you are available if help is needed.

12. Providing transportation to the library or other resource areas when assignments require reference materials.

13. Providing a place where completed work can be stored safely (a folder, a shelf, or a drawer).

14. Discussing homework assignments and providing hints when necessary.

15. Becoming actively involved in homework when teachers have requested family/student interaction.

(Source: Keys to Reengaging Families in the Education of Young Adolescents, NMSA)

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