Taking Standardized Tests

Taking Standardized Tests like the STAR Tests and the district benchmark tests can be a stressful experience for students.  In order to reduce anxiety and better prepare for these type of tests, follow these simple tips:

Here are some things your child can do:

Get a good night’s sleep before taking any standardized tests.

A good breakfast on the morning of the test is important. Activities such as those on standardized tests use a lot of energy.

Listen carefully to the directions the teacher gives and follow them exactly. If you don’t understand what to do, ask the teacher to repeat the directions or to explain them again.

Do your best. You are not expected to know the answer to every question. Some of the questions may seem hard, but keep trying and don’t give up.

Here are some things the parent can do:

Help your child understand that Standardized Tests provide a chance to show what a student knows about a subject and how the teacher can best help the student to learn.

Make sure your child understands that the test scores simply give information about the student’s knowledge and skill level.

See that your child keeps up regular study habits, but don’t ask for extra study time. These tests cover more schoolwork than can be learned in a few extra hours.

Reassure your child about the test-taking experience. Students who are calm and sure of themselves do better.

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