Web Resources for Parents

Here are several useful web sites to help parents and their children

Websites to Help Parents Help their Children
This site provides multiple links to pages (including Spanish) of a variety of topics aimed at helping parentshelp their children.  Also included are links especfially for kids.

Homework Help:
Part of the Family Education Web Site which covers several topics dealing with homework.

Homework Center:
Part of the infoplease.com web site, it provides tips on completing homework and a search engine to locate answers to homework questions.

Raising Student Achievement
This page, part of the PTA web site, gives ideas for helping to raise student achievement.

Talking with Kids:
This web site deals with how to discuss a variety of topics with your child.

The parent community dedicated to children’s learning.

Educational Resources for Parents:
Published by the Department of Education, it provides links to resources on a variety of educational topics.

Wired Safety
This site is dedicated to providing information about online safety.  There are many articles of interest to parents regarding online safety.