School Site Council

The School Site Council is a decision making group composed of parents, community people, and school staff members in schools receiving School Improvement Program Funding.

The purpose of School Site Council (SSC) is to bring the school staff, parents and school community together to make decisions that best improve the quality of education for the students within the school.

Muir is looking for some parents and students that would be interested in serving on SSC.  Notify Ms. Harding if you would like to be a part of SSC.

The responsibilities of SSC are:
• Develop and refine the school improvement plan
• Establish the school improvement budget
• Design and monitor a system to evaluate the success of the SIP plan
• Review with the principal, teachers and other school staff and pupils how effectively the school’s program is being implemented

The 2016-17 Schedule has not been posted.

Meetings are held normally on the last Thursday of the month.
(All SSC meetings are held at 7:15 am in the Media Center)

NOTE: The minutes from the SSC meetings are available at the school.