Welcome to Learning Options

We hope you will use this site to explore the various alternative education programs offered at SJUSD. Learning Options offers a variety of alternative programs, from independent study to small necessary continuation schools to the middle college program held on site at San Jose Community College and our Career Academy at O’ Connor Hospital. Our primary goal is to help our students recover credits, explore career options and make the right decisions that will lead to graduation and a brighter future beyond. We believe in your child.


Cecilia Molina,
Principal, Learning Options

The Learning Options Mission:

Learning Options provides additional support and an alternative environment for those students who find that the traditional educational setting is not ideal for their academic and personal success. Students in Learning Options will learn essential academic and life skills that will enable them to explore opportunities and identify the steps that allow them to succeed and contribute in the local and global community and economy. We will determine student success by using multiple forms of assessment to identify their level of engagement and learning, keeping focus on their individual educational goals. The entire staff is committed to these student outcomes and will adapt in order to achieve them regardless of each student’s previous academic performance, family background, socioeconomic status, race, orientation, or gender.

Bienvenidos a Opciones de Aprendizaje

Esperamos que usen este sitio para explorar los varios programas educativos alternativos que se ofrecen en el SJUSD.  Opciones de Aprendizaje ofrece una variedad de programas educativos alternativos como por ejemplo, estudios independientes, escuelas pequeñas de recuperación necesaria y el programa de estudios universitarios intermedios que se lleva a cabo en el San José Community College.  Nuestra meta primordial es ayudar a nuestros estudiantes para que recuperen créditos académicos necesarios, exploren opciones vocacionales y tomen las decisiones adecuadas que les conducirán a graduarse y llegar a tener un futuro más brillante.  Nosotros creemos en su hijo/hija.

Cecilia Molina, Director, Opciones de Aprendizaje