Brenda Stone
Academic Counselor
12th Grade
Ext 62246

Sarah Diatta
Academic Counselor
11th grade
Ext 62249

Lisa Castillo
Academic Counselor
9th grade and Leland Plus
Ext 62245

Jill Reibow
Jill Riebow
Academic Counselor
10th grade
Ext 62410

Emily Strain
Emily Strain
College Advisor
Ext 62240


Academic Counseling Department

Welcome to the Academic Counseling Department

Academic counselors provide grade level specific college and career readiness workshops for students each semester, as well as grade level specific parent nights each semester.  Please refer to the Academic Counseling Calendar for more information regarding the dates and times of these presentations.

Academic Counselors are available for students on a drop-in basis. Parents may contact their student’s counselor by phone or email. We request that parents make appointments with their student’s grade level counselor to ensure availability.  In addition, we prefer that the student accompany parents to the meeting to ensure all parties are involved regarding the educational plan and commitments.  Counselors are often meeting with students, facilitating presentations, and are required to attend meetings and conferences which may pull them away from the office at various times.

We look forward to working with you this year.

Summer School Opportunity

In order to provide an opportunity for students to make up credit deficiencies, Leland High School will be offering summer school. We encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity to either retake in a class in which they previously earned an F to make up credits, or to retake a class in which a D grade was previously earned in order to meet the university grade requirement of C or better.

Date:            June 12 – June 29 (Monday-Thursday)
Times:          8:00 AM – 1:30 PM (1 semester class only)
Due:            Return application to the Counseling Resource Center (CRC) by May 1, 2017
Download the application here

Just Added:  A brand new San Jose City College course on the Leland campus!  PSYCH 010 - General Psychology 3.00 Units

Students are introduced to the major theories, areas of study, and methodologies of contemporary psychology and the scientific study of human behavior. Topics addressed include biological and neurological processes and structure, genetics, life span development, consciousness, sensory processes, perception, learning, memory, language and thought, intelligence, motivation and emotion, stress, personality, psychopathology, and psychotherapy.

Please note that General Psychology will only be open to Juniors and Seniors and students must complete the San Jose City College concurrent enrollment process to complete their registration in the course.  Instructions for registering for a San Jose City College course can be found on the course selection form and will also be given on the day of course registration.  The course is not listed on the course selection sheets, to request General Psychology students will enter the course code:  006054.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please download and read this helpful document of answers to the most frequently asked questions at Leland.

Silicon Valley Career Technical Education Center


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What is SVCTE?
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