Attendance Policy

Parents are encouraged to use IC (Infinite Campus) to access attendance on a daily basis! To use
IC you must have a pre-registered email address. If you don’t have your email address registered with the district, contact either the Enrollment Center or your child’s school registrar.


Regular and consistent attendance is an absolute necessity for academic success in school. Students need to attend each of their classes every day. Students should be absent only when ill. Please schedule doctor and dentist appointments after school is dismissed. After any absence, students have 5 school days to excuse the absence. All absences are excused at the Attendance Office window either before school, during break, during lunch or after school. Absences will not be excused during class time.
When leaving school or returning to school following an absence please do the following:
1. Students who are absent from school must bring a note to the Attendance Office on the DAY of RETURN following the absence. The note must state the reason for the absence, the date of absence, and must be signed by a parent/guardian. Absences will not be excused by phone. The Attendance Office must have a note for the attendance file. Verification of student absences is accepted only for a parent/guardian. No student (including those 18 years or older) may verify their own attendance. LHS gives a 5-day grace period to students who forget their notes. After this grace period absences will not be excused.
2. Students are expected to excuse their absences at the Attendance Office before the tardy bell rings. The Attendance Office is open at 7:00 a.m. Waiting in the line at the Attendance Office is not an excused reason for being late for class. District policy requires a note from a doctor for every absence once a student has been absent over 10% of the school days.
3. Should a student need to leave the campus during school hours, bring a note to the Attendance Office signed by a parent/guardian stating the time and reason for leaving. Bring the signed note to the Attendance Office and obtain a “Leaving School” slip prior to leaving. Saturday school will be assigned to all students who leave during the school day and do not check out through the Attendance or Health Office.


  • Illness
  • Quarantine
  • Medical, Dental, Optometric or Chiropractic appointments • Death and or funeral
  • Jury Duty
  • Court Appearance
  • Exclusion from school for immunizations
  • Approved Participation in a co-curricular activity representing the school/district • Personal or family emergency

The above are according to the Education Code of the State of California

• Observation of a Religious Holiday (On the district approved list)
• Absences ordered by the Juvenile Courts
• Administrative summons or when detained by other classified or certificated personnel
• Appointments, conferences or interviews with Attorneys, Law Enforcement/Probation/Police Officers • DMV Appointments
 If a student will be out of school for 4 days or less for a reason not listed (college visits,
weddings, out of town visits, etc.) they may request a Warranted absence through the Attendance Office. This form can be requested with a note form the parent/guardian. The note must state the dates of the absence(s), the reason for the absence and have a parent/guardian signature. This request must be made 3 to 5 days prior to the scheduled absence.

  • Students may receive credit for up to 15 school days per semester for absences caused when a
    family must take a trip because of bereavement, business, college visits, tests, religious observance and retreats or extended family obligations. The Independent Study Form must be signed in advance and the student must complete all assignments in good order.

  • Students requesting credit are to complete an Independent Study From which must be signed and agreed by the student, parent, teachers, and an administrator five (5) days prior to the start of the absences. See Mrs. Adams in the Attendance Office for the complete direction and the Independent Study Forms.

  • Missing class or school without an excused or warranted reason, whether the absence is student or
    parent initiated

  • Any absence which has not been verified as to reason by the close of school Attendance Office on
    the fifth school day of attendance following the last day of the absence

  • Any absence for which advanced approval is necessary and such approval was not obtained prior
    to the absence

  • Time out of class while in temporary custody under the jurisdiction of the TABS program
  • Reporting to class/locker-room fifteen (15) minutes after the bell has rung without an excused
    pass for a teacher, administrator or secretary

  • Being out of class without a hall pass, per Leland and District Board Policy

  • For more questions or more information call our School Attendance Technician (408) 997-1312