Family Resources

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Alcohol and Substance Abuse:

ThreeStones Adolescent Residential Treatment Program
- Program limits six participants at a time
- Safe, nurturing home setting in Santa Clara
- Holistic program developed specifically for teens
Staffed by exceptional, experienced treatment professionals.
For more information contact: Gillian Thorp and Kathryn Spelman


Family and Individual Counseling Services:

Bill Wilson Center provides counseling services to individuals of all ages and addresses a wide variety of problems including family conflict, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, stress, out of control behavior, and school problems. The focus for family and individual counseling develops skills and confidence needed to handle any crisis in the face. Counseling is provided on a sliding scale, based upon income.
For more information contact: The Bill Wilson Center

Parenting Class Series:

Bill Wilson Center presents valuable information such as:
- How to determine the goals of your child’s misbehavior.
- How to respond to inappropriate behaviors.
- How to decide: “who owns the problems?”
For more information contact: The Bill Wilson Center

Support for losing a loved one:

Centre for living with dying provides emotional support to adults, children and families facing life-threatening illness or the trauma of having one die. Whether clients choose individual counseling or grief groups, they are gently given the tools for coping with loss and trauma.
For more information contact: The Bill Wilson Center

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Mental Health Services:

More Information HERE

24-Hour Hotlines Include:

Crisis Line: 408-850-6125
Provides listening and support, crisis intervention, information, referrals, and parental stress support. This line is appropriate for anyone experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, loneliness, stress, or general hard times.

24-7 Youth Line: 888-247-7717
Provides youth ages 7-24 with supportive listening for any reason, including health, relationships, crisis, information and referrals. Youth may call at anytime, for any reason.

Anti-Hate Line: 408-279-0111
Provides support, reporting, and follow-up of incidences of discrimination and hate crimes. Partnered with Human Relations Commission.