Homework Center

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Need extra help with your academic schoolwork?

Lincoln High School provides three great resources after school, throughout the school year, to help you be more successful.

The Homework Center is open to all LHS students for:

  • General homework help
  • Access to computers for research and writing
  • A comfortable, supportive environment with minimal distractions

  • Math help is available on all days in the Homework Center.
    Location: Lincoln Center
    Schedule: Mondays & Thursdays (3:15pm - 4:15pm) 
                Tuesdays & Wednesdays (2:10pm-4:00pm)

    Other Information

    Extra Credit/Tutoring/Community Service

  • Check with your teachers to see if you can get extra credit for attending one of the homework centers. Verification of attendance is made for students whose teachers offer extra credit for attending and for parents/guardians who want to verify that students are attending. Homework Center verification slips may be obtained from the supervising Instructor.
  • Volunteers are needed and welcomed for community service hours.
  • Tutoring in the HW Center would look great on your College Resume!

    Need to contact your student during homework center?

    Parent/guardian phone calls during center hours should be directed to the Room 7 at (408) 535-6300, or by contacting Mr. Luna the Homework Coordinator at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or by phone at: (408) 535-6300 extension: 64443 (Periods 4-6 ONLY).
    2017 HW cent span