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Nancy Reid

Education of the Future / Educación del Futuro December 6, 2017
All week Lincoln is celebrating CS week. On Monday, kicked off CS Education Week with “Hidden Figures” introduced by LinkedIn WIT Summer Trainees.  Tuesday, 38 students traveled to UC Berkeley to celebrate CS Education Day at EECS.  Wednesday, Lincoln hosted Family Code Night in English and Spanish.  (See Video). SJUSD partnered with Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) and Family Code Night.  The event was a great success! It was the first time that the Family Code Night Curriculum was translated and delivered in Spanish.  Thursday, the Lion’s Code will be demoing Virtual Reality.  Friday, some students will be heading to the Microsoft Store to hear a HTC Vive Engineer Panel and do some hands on VR/AR/XR.  CS week is celebrated world wide every year in the first week of December.

2017 LinkedIn Summer Trainees speak to Lincoln students at Hidden Figures Movie Event.

CSWEEK 2017 at UC Berkeley
Lincoln Students at UC Berkeley.

Family Code Night at Lincoln for SJUSD students k-8.

CS WEEK at Microsoft Store at Valley Fair
Lincoln Students at Microsoft Store for VR Event.

Lincoln’s 2017 PBL Fair.
Some of Mrs. Reid’s Exploring Computer Science Students showcase their Virtual Reality(VR) Projects to Lincoln student audience.  The VR showcase
was a hit. Lincoln High School is the only high school that offers VR curriculum to over 200 students.  Lincoln High is the only and first SJUSD school that offers VR curriculum during the school day in Northern California, and perhaps the whole state of California. 

2017 Fall PBL Fair
Meilyn and Lukas created a VR Outer Space themed Ping Pong game that “wowed” these Lincoln participants.

Fall 2016 Exploring Computer Science and AP Computer Science Students.

Exploring Computer Science A:
1. Sign up link for Piazza
2. Access Code: 004122
3.    Join as student & enter email. 
4.    Validate code & set up account.  For Academic Program, select not pursuing degree.
5.   Classlink

AP Computer Science: 
1. Sign up link for Piazza
2. Access Code: 004104
3.    Join as student & enter email. 
4.    Validate code & set up account.  For Academic Program, select not pursuing degree.
5. Classlink

If you participated the Lincoln/SJUSD Hackathon 2017, please complete survey;
VR Hackathon Survey


VR Poster Tan

Students who attended VR Workshops are able to attend VR Hackathon.  Students learned Unity3D basics to create a virtual world.  They were amazed when saw their prefabricated character Ethan explore the forest they created or see the effects of physics when they implemented those features into their created plank or sphere.  There were three successful workshop with an average of 20 students in attendance.  It was a very diverse group of students. 

VR Workshop

Students who want to sign up must do the following:

1.  Let Mrs. Reid know that you will be attending by filling out Google Form:
VR Hackathon Sign ups
2.  Pick up Field Trip form from Mrs. Reid (Room 5 or Lincoln Center)  or Mr Shen(Room 41).  Have it signed by parent/legal guardian. Due Thu. Mar 30, 2017.  Give to Mrs. Reid (Room 5 or Lincoln Center)  Get a form from Reid/Shen OR download it:
Hackathon Parent Permission Mar 31, 2017 (English)
Hackathon Parent Permission Mar 31, 2017 (Spanish)
3.  Have Parents Sign Media Permission Form
Lincoln Media Permission 2017
4.  Student read and sign Technology Policy Form.
Technology Policy 2017

At the day of the VR Hackathon, students will learn about the requirements for mini video competition, form teams of two and compete for prizes. 

Prizes are: 

1st Prize Laptop,
2nd Prize:  $100 Amazon Gift Card,
3rd Prize:  $50 Amazon Gift Card . 

Students will get free food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), free t-shirt, and Google Cardboard.  This is certainly an event that empowers students with 21st century skills! 

SVEF’s STEM Innovation Award 2016
On Nov 9, 2016 at the San Jose Convention Center, Lincoln’s High School CS Program was awarded the STEM Innovation Award at the Pioneers and Purpose Gala.  This is a very prestigious award and Lincoln is the first high school to receive this award.  This recognition is a great opportunity for our CS program and others here in our state and throughout our nation.


Paul Humphries, SVEF Board-Chair, CS Teacher Mrs. Nancy Reid, Principal Mr. Matt Hewitson.


Pictured:  Principal Matt Hewitson, Superintendent Nancy Albarran, Assistant-Superintendent Jackie Zeller, Teacher Kelli Berryhill, Teacher Nancy Reid,  TEALS Founder Kevin Wang, TEALS Teacher Volunteer Prakash Atawale,  San Jose Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio, Lincoln Alumni Chloe Varlack, Students Chai Nunes, Janeal Sanchez, and Sean Ibarra. Not pictured, Peter Allen. 

Summer 2016 Jose Valdes Math Program Caminitas at SCU Mrs. Reid gave STEM Speech to school age students at her alma mater Santa Clara University for the Jose Valdes Math Program Caminita in the Summer of 2016.

STEM Speech Summer 2016


Fall 2016 Computer Science AP and Introduction to Computer Science Students.

AP Computer Science A:
1. Sign up link for Piazza
2. Access Code: 004104
3.    Join as student & enter email. 
4.    Validate code & set up account.  For Academic Program, select not pursuing degree.
5.   Classlink

Introduction to Computer Science: 
1. Sign up link for Piazza
2. Access Code: 04122
3.    Join as student & enter email. 
4.    Validate code & set up account.  For Academic Program, select not pursuing degree.
5. Classlink

TEALS AP Computer Science Prize Winner 2016
Cesia Rangel was our Laptop Winner this year.  We are very happy for her.  Cesia took Girls Code at Stanford University Summer of 2015.  She has taken many STEM courses.  She returns as a Senior for 2016-2017 and plans study medicine after high school.  CONGRATS CESIA!
2016 Teals Winner: Cesia Rangel

Maestros De Impacto Especial (Teachers of Impact Special) Univision selected CS teacher Mrs. Reid to represent the greater San Francisco Bay Area. She was one of nine teachers highlighted nationally. Special aired Sunday May 29, 2016 across the nation.  Interviewed by Jackie Guerrido from Univision.  Mrs. Reid’s mission is to expose students to coding and technology. 
(In Spanish/En Espanol)


Maestros De Impacto (Teachers of Impact) Univision nominated Mrs. Reid October Teacher of the Month.  News clip from 11pm News October 8, 2015. Interviewed by Reporter Beatriz Ferarri.  Mrs. Reid’s mission is to expose students to coding and technology. 
(In Spanish/En Espanol)

Univision Maestros De Impacto Oct 8, 2015

Damian Trujillo from Comunidad Del Valle Telemundo/NBC interviews Mrs. Reid.  Mrs Reid informs the Latino Community the need and importance of coding for all students, especially for Latinos and Women.  Two interviews. One is in English and the other in Spanish.

Communidad Del Valle August 15, 2015


Lincoln TEALS 2015 Student Raffle Winner May 20, 2015
This is the first year Lincoln has partnered with TEALS, a YouthSpark Program through Microsoft.  TEALS helps public schools kick start Computer Science Program and sustain them.  Congratulations to David Zhong! (Pictured with Lincoln TEALS Teaching Team) Next year will be year two of Lincoln TEALS partnership.  Who will be our next winner for 2016?
Lincoln TEALS 2015  Student XBox Winner

U.S Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren’s Staff with AP CS Students on May 19, 2015. 
This follow up Congressional Staff (Michael Branson and Shirley Duong) meeting was a positive and productive experience for our students.  Our students offered some recommendations:  1)  Offer more coding opportunities for K12 Education 2)  Federal Government support awareness of coding to parents, children, and the community.  In 2013 there was a Computer Science Education Act (2013)  which allowed districts to reallocate money for purchasing technology or provide CS education.  This did not give extra money but gave permission to use existing money for CS education.  This proposal did not pass in 2013, however, students are going to look to see if we can revise and resubmit proposal to U. S. Congress.  So very proud of our Lincoln students. They represented us very well at this meeting. 


U.S. Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren visits AP Computer Class and AP Government Monday April 20, 2015.
AP Computer Science did a fantastic job giving presentation to Honorable Lofgren.  She wants to meet with AP Computer Science students again to get ideas how to attract more people into the technology field so that she can take back to U.S. Congress.  AP Government students asked great questions and were super charged from her visit.  This was a great opportunity for our Lincoln students and community.

APCS Students with Honorable Lofgren
AP CS Student Presenters with Congresswoman Lofgren

Lincoln TEALS Team with Congresswoman Lofgren

Mrs Reid’s AP Computer Science Students Chloe Varlack and Caitlyn Bardin on MTV blog Feb 2015:
MTV blog

Mrs. Reid’s AP CS students Chloe Varlack and Caitlyn Bardin on FOX Channel 2 Morning News Feb 24, 2015. 
Students are Microsoft/TEALS student representatives for WE DAY California 2015 in San Jose.
Channel 2 Morning News 2/24/15

Microsoft Bay Area Feb 20, 2015 Nancy Urena Reid Creating Opportunities Through Technology

Read about Alumni Sam Van Zandt’s visit to Lincoln and his support for Mrs. Reid’s 3-D Printer.
Lion Tales:  Sam Van Zandt Pays a Visit to his Alma Mater

Read and see the new MakerBot 3D printer Lincoln High School has. 
Lion Tales: 3D Printer Article

The January 2015 KBAY Teacher of the Month is Nancy Ureña Reid who received a grant towards the purchase of a 3D printer for her students.
Nancy Reid KBAY Teacher of the Month

Lincoln Girls attend TopCoder’s Girls in STEM Event in San Francisco Nov. 19,  2014
Lion Tales:  Lincoln Girls take on STEM

Lincoln has partnered with TEALS to help kick-start AP Computer Science for 2014-2015 school year.
Mrs. Reid will be co-teaching with four high tech professionals.  This is a great opportunity for Lincoln, especially for our students.
A coding article was published which Mrs Reid’s efforts help spark this piece in the San Jose Mercury News.
SJ Mercury News Coding Article


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