College Prep

Welcome to College Prep at Los Alamitos Elementary!

College Prep is essentially a second Achieve lesson/week to help students get to the ‘Meets’ standard for being College & Career for their grade level.

Additionally, College Prep is a place whereby students can close their reading gap with the Lexia (decoding) program which takes children through the developmental stages of reading in a strategic way.

Research shows that when students build their fluency skills, it opens up doors for stronger comprehension.  The attached audio files are the Stretch Articles from the familiar text of the Achieve lesson done in College Prep.  The articles are read by Professor De.  It is encouraged that they listen to the article while following along with the Golden Rod sheet which has been sent home for each article.  Have your student pause and practice as many times possible to gain confidence and fluency in reading.  After a while, you can take a away Professor De’s voice and have your child read the article out loud.  It’s so fun to watch them grow and gain confidence!

Happy Reading! smile

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