GATE - Gifted and Talented Education

Gifted and Talented Identification
Every San José Unified student has the chance to be tested once for GATE, usually in the 2nd grade. All students have an equal opportunity to be identified as GATE regardless of their gender, linguistic, racial, ethnic, cultural, or socio-economic background.
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GATE Services
The teacher provides GATE services in the regular classroom.  Teachers have received training in Direct Instruction where they do flexible grouping as part of the lesson.  It is during this time that GATE students can be asked to go deeper into the subject matter being studied.
Site Services

How are GATE services provided at the site?

The Gifted and Talented Educational Services at Los Alamitos are provided through the following goals:

*to provide differentiated opportunities for learning that are aligned with abilities and talents of individual students;
*to provide flexible/cluster grouping
*to help develop sensitivity and feeling of responsibility for others;
*to help develop realistic and healthy self-concepts
*to help develop a commitment to constructive ethical standards;
*to help develop a commitment to constructive academic standards
*to establish an environment for association with intellectual and chronological peers;
*to develop a flexible curriculum that meets individual student needs;
*to develop stimulating and challenging methods of study;
*to cultivate students’ abilities to think critically, experiment, and foster self-direction, independence, leadership and creativity;
*to use on-going assessment through teacher observations, student interviews, observation surveys, running records, rubrics, quizzes, criterion-referenced tests, teacher made tests, and standardized tests.

The above services are embedded within each grade level’s curriculum.

How will the site provide GATE training for instructional and support roles?

The site provides a GATE library with many reference books and lessons available to check out and use.  There is also a parent library located in the media center for parents to draw upon for reference and support.