Our TK through 5th grade music program is taught instrumental music by CSMA (Community School of Music and Art). The TK-2nd grade is instructed by Anne Edler and 3rd-5th is instructed by Mollie McReynolds.  Each grade hosts a concert at least once a year.

A number of years ago, Los Alamitos was selected to receive a generous multi-year Greenhouse Grant for music from Cultural Initiatives Silicon Valley (CISV). This grant provided funding and professional curricular coaching to develop and implement a consistent, sequential music program that is aligned with state frameworks and standards. The music program was awarded another generous grant in fall 2000 from the Valley Foundation. 

While the grants allowed Los Alamitos to develop and implement this music program, the Walk-A-thon, Silent Auction and Scrip fundraisers are now the major source of income for our PTA and music program.  Our PTA generously meets the school’s program funding needs for our entire K-5 music program. To learn more about the Scrip for SMART (Science, Music, Art, Reading and Technology) programs, please visit the Scrip page.