Starting from the simple roots of a lunch-time, parent-led class in the cafeteria, the extended Los Alamitos science program has evolved into 100+ volunteers, specialized instructors and hands-on science for all children from K-5. The science program consists of four key components: in-class science instruction provided by our fabulous classroom teachers, hands-on laboratory science, lunch-time Science Sleuths, and special events. Our program aims to develop a love of science and foster our students’ natural curiosity.

Students investigate life, earth, and physical science topics each year in a balanced program that addresses state and district standards.

Lunch-time Science Sleuths is a volunteer program that offers science inquiry for students in first through fifth grades. Run completely by parent volunteers, the midday lessons are fun, quick and provide students with an additional exposure to scientific inquiry.

In 2004, our community came together to build a new garden for the school. Through the hard work of students, parents, staff and district employees and the financial support of a number of organizations, a beautiful garden provides yet another avenue for hand-on learning. The 2004-05 school year saw the launch of the “Green Team”, an opportunity for students to take active roles in our garden outside of regular classroom instruction.

One of the science highlights of our students’ years at Los Alamitos is attending Camp Campbell.  Students fundraise to attend the 70 acre camp in the Redwoods run by the YMCA.  Its features include a nature laboratory, mountain hiking trails and a 34 ft. climbing wall.

Our science program also offers an number of special events throughout the year. Past events have included Lawrence Hall of Science, a Science Mystery Night, Science Safari Make & Take, science assemblies, the annual Bubble Festival, a Science-o-Rama for students K-5, a 5th grade Science Fair judged by district personnel and community experts.  These activities vary from year to year.

Our science program would not be possible without the support of PTA, donor families, as well as hundreds of hours of donated time.

If you are interested in becoming more involved in our extended science program please contact the school at 535-6297.

5th Grade Science Fair
Bubble Festival
Science Sleuths