Teacher Qualifications


Lowell Elementary receives Title I federal funds through the No Child Left Behind Act (in English, referred to as NCLB).  This Federal law requires that parents be notified of their right to know the professional qualifications of their child’s teacher(s) in core academic subject areas, including the following:

1. The type of state credential or license that the teacher holds.
Some teachers will have a credential in a particular subject area, such as English or Mathematics, and others will have a multiple subject credential, which allows them to teach a variety of subjects, such as here at Lowell Elementary

2. The education level and subject area of the teacher’s college
degree(s).  All teachers have a bachelor’s degree, and many teachers have graduate degrees beyond the bachelor’s, such
as a masters or doctoral degree.

In addition to the qualifications of the teacher, if a paraprofessional (teacher’s aide) provides your child services, you may also request information about his or her qualifications.  Many paraprofessionals have two years of college, and others have passes a test that verifies their qualifications.

If you would like this information, please contact: 

Meagan Azevado
San Jose Unified School District Human Resources Department
(408) 535-6000, extension 15017.