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Strategic Plan 2012-17

Full Strategic Plan Document (PDF)

Executive Summary of Strategic Plan (PDF)

Message from the Board of Education (PDF)

Message from Superintendent, Dr. Vincent Matthews, Ed.D (PDF)

Launching OPPORTUNITY21 with Dr. Vincent Matthews from San Jose Unified on Vimeo.

Feedback & Questions

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Messages to the Community

Letter from the Board of Education

To the San Jose Unified School District Community:

Our school district has come a long way in the past several decades. There is much we should be proud of accomplishing – pacesetting, rigorous high school curriculum; continued financial stability in a very uncertain state budget climate, and a myriad of awards for our schools recognizing the good work our staff does with students every day.

As representatives of our school community, however, we hear and recognize that we must do better by our students to prepare them to be successful in a rapidly changing society. We acknowledge that some students need additional support in order to have the opportunity to be successful once they graduate from our school district. That is why we passed Board Policy 0210 — Equity calling for a fundamental change in how we think about and approach the work in this school district. This policy has set the stage for a new era in our organization – an opportunity for all of us to be honest about our challenges and confront them with the candor and thoughtfulness these issues deserve.

The world around us is rapidly changing. There is no place this is more evident than in our community in the heart of Silicon Valley. If our students are to successfully compete and achieve in this evolving global society, we must equip them with the appropriate tools and knowledge. In the fall of 2011, we passed a new vision and mission for our organization. One that builds on a prior foundation, but calls for ensuring that we eliminate the opportunity gap and ensure the finest 21st century education for every San Jose Unified student.

This document is built from our new vision and mission statement and lays out a bold plan that we believe will make an indelible difference in the lives of our students for generations to come. This plan is merely the beginning of what we believe will be an exciting set of changes to our organization. We invite you to join us in becoming active contributors to the successful implementation and monitoring of this plan.

Jorge Gonzalez, President
Pam Foley, Vice-President
Rich Garcia, Trustee
Veronica Grijalva-Lewis, Trustee
Leslie Reynolds, Trustee

Letter from Dr. Matthews, Superintendent

To the San Jose Unified School District Community:

On August 12, 2011 we came together as one community — every one of the 3,000 employees in San Jose Unified School District. I talked with you about our previous accomplishments, we reflected on our challenges — particularly our disadvantaged students — and laid out a framework for this organization that will ensure that we eliminate the opportunity gap and provide every student with the finest 21st century education.

I am proud to be a part of an organization that has made much progress over the last several decades including being the first school district to adopt UC/CSU A to G as the standard high school curriculum, building a robust data warehouse, having a comprehensive Learning Options program, and maintaining fiscal solvency in the midst of the worst financial crisis in
California history.

However, I also discussed with you the continued skill gaps for all of our students — more for some students than others — and the challenges they face in the real world if we don’t change how we serve these students.

In the fall, we went on an extensive campaign to collect feedback from more than 3,500 stakeholders and to listen to what you believed would be necessary to accomplish the new vision and mission of this organization. You spoke clearly about how to close the opportunity gap, what 21st century skills were most important to our students, and how our school system needs to change in order to meet our ambitious goals. In the past 20 years, we have become a good urban school district.
Now we have the opportunity to go from Good to Great.

We call this new strategic plan OPPORTUNITY21 because it will close the opportunity gap for disadvantaged, minority students … while preparing all students with 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Recall the power of having everyone in a single room, a reminder to all of us that this is not about one person but all of us moving in the same direction — to change the future for all San Jose Unified students. If we are going to accomplish this plan, we need everyone’s help, commitment, and dedication. This will not be easy, but the rewards for our students will be immense and long lasting.