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Gifted and Talented Identification

Every student in grades 3-5 in San Jose Unified School District is offered the opportunity to be tested once for GATE identification.  All students have an equal opportunity to be screened for the Gifted and Talented Education program regardless of their gender, linguistic, racial, ethnic, cultural, or socio-economic background. This usually occurs in second grade.

Students who score in the 98th percentile or above on the Raven Progressive Matrices Plus (RPM+) are identified as Gifted and Talented. The RPM+ does not measure specific knowledge or concepts, but rather measures a student’s ability to perceive new patterns and relationships. Students who score high typically see solutions to problems in a different way than their peers. They often “think outside the box.” If a student is identified as Gifted in Talented, parents will be notified in June.

GATE Services

The teacher provides GATE services in the regular classroom. Teachers are trained to use an instruction framework where they provide flexible grouping as part of the lesson. It is during this time that GATE students may be asked to go deeper into the subject matter being studied. One of the ways SJUSD helps provide differentiation is through our Blended Learning programs like Lexia, Achieve 3000, and DreamBox. 

High-Achieving vs. Gifted

Bright or high-achieving students are often “rule followers”. They are able to read situations, know what is expected, and carry out expectations to a high level. These students often get high grades, complete all work, and are excellent citizens. Gifted children may be “rule benders” or push the envelope of expectations. They may be highly curious, want to know why, feel they are beyond others, are good manipulators, may see rules or guidelines not applying to them, and are often unorganized. This may impede their performance. Gifted students may have surprisingly heightened emotional sensitivity, which can lead to a child’s feeling being easily hurt.  This includes a low or no tolerance for perceived criticism from others. Every gifted student is unique.

Below are some characteristics that may differentiate High-achieving Learners from Gifted Learners.

Bright or High-achieving Learners   Gifted Learners  
Knows the answerAsks the questions
Is interestedIs highly curious
Has good ideasHas innovative, out-of-the-box ideas
Answers the questionsDiscusses in detail, elaborates
Listens with interestShows strong feelings and opinions
Understands ideas Constructs abstractions  
Enjoys peersPrefers adults  
Grasps the meaning   Draws inferences  
Completes assignmentsInitiates projects
Is receptive Is intense
Enjoys schoolEnjoys learning
Absorbs information Manipulates information  
Is a technicianIs an inventor
Is a good memorizerIs a good guesser
Is alertIs keenly observant  
Is pleased with own learningIs highly self-critical