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2016-17 Transportation Application

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Transportation Bell Schedule

Transportation Agreement
Schools and groups outside of San Jose Unified who wish to use Transportation’s services on field trips must complete and submit this document along with other required certificates detailed in the Agreement. The Agreement must be Board Approved before any agreed-upon service can be provided.

Transportation Information

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Fee-Based Transportation:

San Jose Unified School District will continue to offer families of eligible students the opportunity to purchase bus service for students who do not receive free transportation under state or district guidelines.

Eligibility Policy:

Elementary students are eligible for transportation if their resident address is more than 1.5 miles from the assigned school site. Secondary students are eligible for transportation if their resident address is more than 3.5 miles from the assigned school site.

Free/ Reduced Price Transportation Qualification:

In order to qualify for free or reduced price transportation for the 2016-17 school year, the student must be qualified by the Food Service Department for the free or reduced price meals program.  If the Food Services Department does not qualify your student for free or reduced price meals for the 2016-17 school year, you will be charged full price for transportation.

Transportation and Bus Passes:

The Transportation Department will mail out applications for transportation service to all eligible students on June 20, 2016. Completed applications must be returned to the Fiscal Department by July 18, 2016, to guarantee first-day-of-school service for your student. You will receive an invoice in the beginning of October. Bus passes for students who have a completed application on file by July 18, 2016, for the 2016-17 school year will be mailed out on Friday, August 12, 2016.

Courtesy Transportation:

TTransportation for eligible students, who have a completed Transportation Application on file, is provided only to and from the assigned bus stop near your home address.  In order to 1.) use a different bus stop for transportation, 2.) have your student transported to and/or from a childcare address, or 3.) have transportation service for your student who is not otherwise eligible for transportation, you must make a courtesy request with the Transportation Department.  Courtesy transportation may be provided if a nearby bus stop is active and/or if space is available. The Transportation Department will process courtesy applications in the order they are received. Offers of courtesy transportation may be rescinded, and families will be responsible for their student’s transportation, should the needs of Transportation change.

Seat belts and Surveillance Systems

Our newer buses are equipped with seat belts. Students riding on a bus equipped with these safety restraints are required to wear them at all times. Other buses, though not equipped with seat belts, are still an extremely safe form of transportation. All buses are also equipped with a video and audio surveillance system.

Change of Address:

If you have changed your address, please visit SJUSD Enrollment Center located at 4855 Pearl Ave, San Jose, CA 95136,  phone number: 408 535-6412
To update your address. Address change may take up to 5 schools day to start service, if available from the new address.  If your phone number has change you can update the changes on the District’s Parent Portal.
Acceptable proof of addresses

Communications to Parents:

ParentLink is a phone messaging system we use to send information about your child’s route(s) during the school year. It is critical that San Jose Unified has your current and correct phone numbers at all times.

If you have questions regarding transportation, please call SJUSD Transportation Department: 408-535-6185
If you have questions regarding billing, please call SJUSD Fiscal Service Department: 408- 535-6142