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Our State Preschool’s mission is to eliminate the opportunity gap and provide every student with the finest 21st century education by building partnerships with families and providing age appropriate and intentional curriculum that focuses on the whole child.

We do this by providing age appropriate activities that supports school readiness. We believe that the home and school”s partnership promotes a child’s success. Families and caregivers are the child’s first teacher and the home is the first learning environment. We believe that diversity enriches the classroom and the community at large.  It teaches children to respect and value differences. We also believe that children have the ability to develop social and emotional, cognitive, and physical skills through a variety of learning experiences.

Our program is designed to prepare your child with the critical foundations needed for his or hers learning years, kindergarten through adulthood.  Children who are healthy, and emotionally, socially, and cognitively ready for school are much more likely to have successful school and life experiences. We hope that your child’s experience in our State Preschool program will be rewarding, and an investment in his or her educational future and success.