“When you open a book with your children, you are opening the world for them.You are making them think and wonder, and want to know more. You are helping them to do well in school. Best of all, you are enjoying time together as a family.”—RIF

Helping Your Children Become Readers
Como Ayudar A Que Sus Niños Es Guste la lectura



”. . preschoolers learn differently from school-age children: play is essential to early learning. Play is the main way children learn and develop ideas about the world. It helps them build the skills necessary for critical thinking and leadership. It’s how they learn to problem-solve and to feel good about their ability to learn.”—from Play It’s the Way Young Children Learn

Play It’s the Way Young Children Learn-English
Play It’s the Way Young People Learn-Spanish

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)

This site provides ideas for science experiments that can be completed at home. There are short videos for background information to help understand the experiment.



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