Ages and Stages Questionnaire/Desired Results Developmental Profile

Ages and Stages Questionnaire—(ASQ)

Parents complete this questionnaire to identify the strengths of their child and any areas in which they may need support or more practice.

Parents are asked to observe the following areas:

Communication skills: Parent observes and listens to the child’s language skills-both what he or she understands and what he or she can say.

Gross Motor skills: Parent observes the child’s large muscle movement and coordination.

Fine Motor skills: Parent observes the child’s hand and finger movement and coordination.

Problem Solving skills: Parent observes how the child plays with toys and solves problems.

Personal-Social skills: Parent observes the child’s self help skills and interactions with others.

Overall skills:  Parent asks important questions about the child’s overall development and concerns parents may have.

Once the questionnaire has been returned to the school, they are reviewed.  If there are areas of concern, parents are asked to complete an ages and stages questionnaire-social/emotional (ASQ-SE) and referrals may be made to appropriate agencies.


Desired Results Developmental Profile   (DRDP)

Desired Results System is designed to improve the quality of programs and services provided to all children who are enrolled in early care and education programs.  Desired Results are defined as conditions of well-being for children and their families.  Teachers use eight areas/domains for evaluation of the child and the results are shared with the families at Parent/Teacher conferences during the year.

The areas for development are:

Approaches to Learning-Self Regulation
Social Emotional Development
Language and Literacy Development
English Language Development
Cognition, Including Math and Science
Physical Development-Health
History-Social Science
Visual and Performing Arts


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