The following procedures are developed for the safety of our students.

and Out:
It is a licensing requirement that each child must be signed in and out by the parent or authorized parent representative every day on the Sign In/Out sheets located in the classroom. A full signature and time is required.

A child can be released only to those authorized persons (at least 18 years old or older) designated on the Emergency Card.  Identification is required.

It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the preschool teacher and Early Education Office (408-535-6083) of any changes on the Emergency Card.

Children must be picked up on time.  If you are unable to pick up your child on time, you must make arrangements with someone listed on your child’s emergency card to pick him/her up from school at the designated dismissal time.  If your child is picked up late, you will be given a late pick-up notice.  You will be required to meet with the Early Education Program Manager if you have received three late pick-up notices. IMPORTANT:  Children will only be released to the individuals listed on the Emergency Card.  It is critical that you keep this information current.

Absences due to illness of the child or members of the immediate family, doctor or dentist appointments are excused. Upon the child’s return, the sign in sheet must be signed with the parent’s full signature for each day of the illness and brief reason for the absence (i.e. a cold, flu or cough).  An absence for illness that is longer than three days requires a signed doctor’s note.

Days of school missed due to family vacations or visits from family members are considered “Best Interest of the Child” (BIC) days.  There are only 10 allowable BIC days within the school year.  Per state guidelines, families exceeding 10 BIC days will be dropped.

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