September Parent Bulletin

September 02-11, 2014

Quote of the Week:
During the first week of school, tell the teacher about your child as a person-his/her likes and dislikes, strength and weakness, general personality traits, and your vision for your child in the future. The more the
teacher knows your child as a person, the better she can address your child’s situation. – Mark Condon

Update on Measure H

As you are all aware on November 6, 2012, voters approved Measure H general obligation bonds to improve our schools. Thank you to all the parents for your work last school year to gather community input regarding Measure H projects. In October and November our Superintendent’s council will bring each school site’s project list to the School Board for approval. However before they can bring these lists forward we need to have one additional round of site meetings. It is critical that we discuss our Measure H projects in Principal chat, PTA and School Site Council meetings. I encourage you to attend and participate in the discussion.

Let’s support our Giving Campaign

Please support our PTA by turning in our pledge to support our new fall fundraiser this year. In the past we have launched several fundraising events to raise funds for our Reed programs. This year, in lieu of the catalog PTA launched the REED Giving Campaign. Our goal is to meet 18K before the end of September so please donate $35.00 (per family) and help support our music program and technology. We need your commitment to move Reed from ‘good’ to GREAT!

After School Programs at Reed

Our community requested and we listened… this year we have several after school programs being offered at Reed. The following clubs or programs will be offered or will continue to provide an enriched after school experience for your child.
Jr. Chef’s offered by our former parent Ms. Dayna Pawlowski and her company SIMPLEICIOUS will help your child become future chefs. Please contact her at 408.892

Math Enrichment Program is offered everyday at Reed. Ms. Young will be facilitating the program so turn in your registration form as classes will start soon. They are also offering a special promotion on pricing. Please contact Mr. Michael Wasserburger at 408-667-9277 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

After school soccer brought to us by US Sports Coaching

Our Girls Scout Troop is headed by Mrs. Amie Rodda. Her contact info is (408-605-1295) or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Our after school Lego Robotics for 5th graders. Please contact
Host Parents: Kelly Lewis and Corianne Birnbaum

After school Chess Club brought to us by Mr. Brett Ramirez. His contact info is (408) 247-8557


Dance and Art classes
Computer Literary for Parents (Offered in English and Spanish)

Combination Grade Classrooms
How can the teacher teach two grade levels at the same time?
In any effective classroom, teachers often use the strategy of grouping students for instructional purposes. During many parts of the day, one group of students will work on an independent task while another group receives direct instruction from the teacher. In a single-grade classroom, these groups are typically formed by skill or interest. In a combination grade classroom, these groups are often formed by grade level. In addition, combination grade teachers look for overlaps in the two grades’ curriculum. Furthermore, teachers assigned to combination grade classrooms are experienced teachers who have a command of the standards/curriculum. The use of Reading and Writing Workshop models also allows teachers to individualize instruction based needs of their students whether they are in a combination grade classroom or a single-grade classroom.
How are students chosen for combination grade classrooms?

When any classroom is formed, school teams determine criteria that will result in a balanced, positive instructional environment. Teachers use past experience with a student and classroom/academic performance to determine whether he/she would be a possible candidate for a combination grade classroom. The typical student in such a classroom is one who performs at or above grade level academically, and also possesses the ability to work independently and/or work collaboratively. As a result, the general learning environment in these classrooms is often enhanced by the solid academic performance and work habits of the students chosen specifically for the combination classroom.

Emergency Kit
You may have noticed that we currently do not have our emergency kit (EK) list on our Reed website. Mrs. Walker and I are in the process of updating our website and this will include putting up the emergency kit and other classroom supply list. I have asked all our teachers to collect the emergency kits this week. Please make sure that you turn your child’s packet before Wednesday, September 3rd.

Back to School Night
Many thanks to all our parents who attended our Back to School Night (BTSN). Thank you for you patience as we attempt to offer two teacher presentations to meet the needs of our families.
Once again, thank you for your continued support.

Ms. Mendoza

Welcome to Reed

Reed Elementary School, located in Southwest San Jose, reflects the rich cultural diversity of San Jose Unified School District and the surrounding neighborhood.

Reed School includes 20 kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms that focus on teaching District and State Standards. The Reed Staff differentiates for many types of learning needs.