Spring Recess 4/14-4/18

All SJUSD schools and offices will be closed from April 14–18 for spring recess.

Todas las escuelas y oficinas del SJUSD estarán cerradas del 14 al 18 de abril debido a las vacaciones de primavera.

CAASPP Assessment Update

Assessment Update

Beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, California is moving to the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). These computer-based tests replace the STAR program. CAASPP is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for English and math, which California adopted in 2010 to describe what knowledge and skills students need to be well prepared for college and careers, no matter where they come from or where they live.

This year, CAASPP is being field tested to determine how well individual questions allow students to demonstrate what they know and still need to learn.

Who will take the test?
All students in grades 3-8 and in grade 11.

Between April 7 and May 16, 2014. Reed School will be testing April 7th - May 6th.

Will parents receive test results?
No. Because this is a field test to determine how effective CAASPP is, schools, districts, and students/families will not receive scores.
Visit http://www.sjusd.org/parents/assessment-information/ for complete testing information and dates.

Últimas noticias sobre los exámenes estatales

A partir del ciclo escolar 2013-2014, California pondrá en marcha la nueva Evaluación de Desempeño y Progreso Estudiantil de California (CAASPP, por sus siglas en inglés).  Estos exámenes que se tomarán vía computadora reemplazarán al programa STAR.  El nuevo examen CAASPP está alineado con los estándares académicos, comunes y fundamentales de Inglés y Matemáticas que California adoptó en 2010 para describir cuáles conocimientos y habilidades necesitan tener los estudiantes a fin de estar bien preparados para los estudios universitarios y las carreras profesionales, independientemente de su lugar de procedencia o la ubicación de su domicilio.

Este año, el CAASPP se pondrá a prueba para determinar qué tan bien funcionan las preguntas individuales de dicho examen a fin de que los estudiantes demuestren lo que saben y lo que todavía necesitan aprender.

¿Quién tomará este examen?
Todos los estudiantes del 3º al 8º grado y los estudiantes del 11º grado.

Entre el 7 de abril y el 16 de mayo de 2014. La escuela de lámina probará el 7 de abril - 6 de mayo.

¿Recibirán los padres los resultados de este examen?

No. Debido a que este ciclo escolar el examen CAASPP únicamente se está poniendo a prueba para determinar cuán eficiente es, las escuelas, los distritos escolares, los estudiantes y sus familias no recibirán los resultados.

Visite http://www.sjusd.org/parents/assessment-information/ para obtener la información detallada acerca de este examen y las fechas de administración.

Welcome to Reed

Reed Elementary School, located in Southwest San Jose, reflects the rich cultural diversity of San Jose Unified School District and the surrounding neighborhood.

Reed School includes 20 kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms that focus on teaching District and State Standards. The Reed Staff differentiates for many types of learning needs.


Important Reminders

Parking/Traffic Safety

When you are in a hurry to bring your child to school, please remember to respect our neighbors by parking only in unrestricted zones, not moving their garbage cans on Monday mornings, and/or staying in your cars in the Passenger Loading Zone.  In addition, set a good example for your children and cross in the crosswalk. No jaywalking, please!

Please remember traffic and parking rules so that everyone is safe and our drop off and pick up runs smoothly.

  • Please drive slowly and carefully around our school, especially during drop off and pick up.
  • Unfortunately, there are no parking spaces on school grounds for the general public, only for staff and the handicapped.  You need to park on the bordering streets.
  • We need all drivers to NOT park in the bus areas on Glacier.

Passenger Loading Zones & Bus Zones
Please remember to abide by the passenger loading zone regulations. Use the zone as designed, for dropping off and picking up..not for parking! Please stay in your cars.

At all times, please do not park in the bus zone!

Thank you so much for your assistance!

Parent e-Mail Communication

In 2010-11, SJUSD acquired a more effective email filtering system. Parents no longer need to register their email addressees to communicate with teachers or administrators. We understand the importance of communicating quickly and effectively with parents, community members, and others outside of San Jose Unified School District, and hopefully this change will allow communication to flow more smoothly. If anyone is aware of legitimate emails not being received or being blocked by the filter, please contact Technology Services at 408.535.6420.  Sample email address for an SJUSD employee: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)