San José Unified Board of Education Selects Finalist for Superintendent

After several months of extensive community engagement and deliberation, the San José Unified Board of Education is pleased to announce the selection of a finalist for the position of Superintendent. Nancy Albarrán was selected from a pool of highly qualified candidates from our local region and across the country. Ms. Albarrán is currently serving as Interim Superintendent following the departure of Dr. Vincent Matthews in October 2015. Her formal approval as the next Superintendent of San José Unified is pending final action at an upcoming, regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting. For further information, please click here

Después de muchos meses de extensiva participación comunitaria y deliberación, la Mesa Directiva tiene el placer de anunciar su elección de la finalista al puesto de Superintendente. La señorita Nancy Albarrán fue electa dentro de un grupo de candidatos altamente calificados locales y de todo el país. La señorita Albarrán funge como Superintendente Interino desde de la partida del Dr. Vincent Matthews en octubre de 2015. Su aprobación formal como la siguiente Superintendente del Distrito Escolar Unificado de San José está en espera de la medida final en una próxima junta ordinaria de la Mesa Directiva.

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Parent Bulletin: April

Dear Parents,

I am sure that we are all counting the days before Spring break. You all deserve to have fun with your children and embrace the beautiful weather and the feeling of warm rays of the sun on your cheeks. I know how it feels to be very busy and not notice the coming of spring. There are so many things to celebrate: students are showing readiness to learn, you are seeing progress in their skills, they know their routines and hopefully they are sharing all their learning at home. The second half of the school year is always very busy with a whole host of activities, including state testing, CPAA testing, music concerts (and a bunch more!). The pace in the classroom is also very quick this semester, so please encourage your students to stay on top of their assignments and responsibilities so they don’t fall behind.

In terms of testing, we will once again have the full implementation of the computerized state testing this year, the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). This test accurately describes both student achievement and growth of student learning in English and math. Your child will be given class time to take the test; however, if your son or daughter does not complete the test during the allocated class time, or is absent on testing day, he or she will be given additional time during make-up days. Our entire 3rd, 4th and 5th grade class will be testing. The science test will continue to be conducted using paper and pencil until we transition to computer based testing sometime soon. Please remind your child to have reading material at all times in case he or she finishes the test early. We really want to stress the importance of your child attending school during CAASPP testing. State testing will commence on Tuesday, April 5th till the 29th; we will publish the testing schedule on our website for your reference.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in creating a positive and testing environment for our students.

Ms. Mendoza

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress program - CAASPP

Last spring, schools and districts across California participated in the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress program, also known as CAASPP. This set of assessments provides information on student progress under the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), supporting more rigorous instruction in San Jose Unified School District and increased expectations for students.

Pursuant to California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 852, each year school districts are required to notify parents or guardians of their pupil’s participation in the CAASPP tests. In addition, districts are required to inform families of their right to exempt their student from taking the CAASPP tests. For families wishing to exempt their student from a CAASPP assessment, a written request specifying the test(s) to be exempted must be submitted annually to the school site.

To learn more about the CAASPP assessments your student may take, or the exemption process, please click here.

Evaluación de California del Desempeño y Progreso Estudiantil - CAASPP

La primavera pasada, las escuelas y distritos escolares de todo California participaron en el programa de Evaluación de California del Desempeño y Progreso Estudiantil, también conocido por sus siglas en inglés como CAASPP. Este conjunto de evaluaciones proporciona información del progreso de los estudiantes con respecto a los Estándares Académicos, Comunes y Fundamentales del Estado (CCSS). Los resultados de la evaluación brindan apoyo para impartir enseñanza más rigurosa en el Distrito Escolar Unificado de San José con el fin de aumentar las expectativas académicas de todos los estudiantes.

De conformidad con las reglamentaciones del Código de California, Título 5, Artículo 852, cada año a los distritos escolares se les requiere que notifiquen a los padres y tutores acerca de la participación de sus hijos en los exámenes CAASPP. Además, a los distritos escolares se les exige que informen a las familias que tienen el derecho a pedir que se les exente a sus hijos de tomar los exámenes CAASPP. Las familias que no deseen que sus hijos tomen una evaluación CAASPP, deberán pedirlo por escrito, especificando cuál examen o exámenes no desean que tomen sus hijos y entregar dicha solicitud escrita a su escuela, cada año.

Para obtener más información de las evaluaciones CAASPP que podrían tomar sus hijos o sobre el proceso para pedir que a sus hijos se les exente de tomarlas, por favor haga clic aquí.