PTA at Reed

Reed PTA is proud to be part of the California Sixth District PTA

The Mission of the California PTA is to positively impact the lives of all children and families.

The Sixth District PTA supports and empowers PTA leaders through training, parent education, financial support, and mentoring, to enable them to advocate more effectively on behalf of children and families.

It’s about Community!

What is so special about Reed is the community feel of our school. You see it everywhere you turn on campus! We want you to know that the community is what drives the PTA, it is the most important thing, and we are proud of our Reed Family!  You are the heart of the PTA!

C - Communication to the community through the weekly Bobcat Newsletter, Yahoo Group, Marquee, Facebook

O - Organizing fun events to bring the community together, such as our Family Fun nights, Fall Festival, Ice Cream Social, Movie Nights, Walkathon, Harvesting our Garden

M - Music during our weekly classes, our School Musical, Fall Festival Dance Crew, Variety Show, and Chorus

M - Multimedia via computer and software upgrades

U - United in Fundraising efforts. Supporting the Giving Campaign, eScrip, Boxtops, Walkathon, Book Fair

N - Nurturing lifelong readers through the purchase of library books and extra classroom resources for teachers

I -  Interests are encouraged in students through Music, Performing Arts, Art Vistas, and Project Green Thumb

T - Teamwork is working together on behalf of all students and for the community through the Toy Drive, Food Drive, Family Service Night, and Cornerstone

Y - YOU are valued members of our AMAZING community, we APPRECIATE your support!!!