Enrollment Information

For information about enrolling children in San Jose Unified schools, click on this link: https://web.sjusd.org/our-schools/enrollment/

SJUSD’s Transitional Kindergarten

The Kindergarten Readiness Act (SB 1381) rolls back the kindergarten entry date from December 2 to September 1.  Part of this law also requires the creation of a Transitional Kindergarten class for children affected by this change. Transitional Kindergarten (TK) classes will offer developmentally appropriate curriculum that is aligned with kindergarten standards and will be taught by credentialed teachers.

Transitional Kindergarten Philosophy

Curriculum Development: Creating a quality early learning experience for Transitional Kindergarten (TK) includes the merging of both early learning fields of study and school age programs. In order to effectively merge both programs the guiding force behind the curriculum development is the merging of the California Preschool Learning Foundations, Kindergarten Common Core Standards, and the Kindergarten California Content Standards.

Developing and Teaching the Whole Child: The TK teacher prepares a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities and experiences within a richly prepared environment recognizing that young children learn best in an environment that encourages and supports various learning styles and opportunities. The TK program is child-centered and focuses on developing the whole child. The child has large time blocks of child-directed explorations where experiential opportunities provide an understanding of concepts. The teacher supports development and optimizing learning by recognizing student developmental levels, readiness, and potential teachable moments. The teacher offers instruction and support when appropriate.

Integrated and Diverse Activities: The day is balanced with large group, small group, and individual opportunities, indoor and outdoor activities, active and calm time, including free choice and teacher-directed lessons. Learning opportunities surface throughout the day, interwoven with carefully planned curriculum based in the developmental tasks of the age and the interest of the children. There is a natural flow to the day that allows children time to explore and experience their world. Emergent curriculum flows from the children’s discoveries. Teachers support leaning through direct instruction and guidance in all learning domains.

Learning Domains: The TK curriculum supports the child in the follow learning domains: social emotional development, English development and language arts, mathematics, visual and performing arts, physical development, health,  and science. Children are encouraged and supported in learning to solve problems, negotiate, and work toward reciprocal relationships with their peers.

Click here for information on the SJUSD website regarding the Transitional Kindergarten Program