Traffic and Parking Plan

Reed Elementary is committed to the following set of traffic safety goals:

  • Student and family safety at all times, especially at drop off and pick up times
  • Clear, explicit and precise signage on all three streets bordering the campus
  • Communicate the expectation of community compliance with all zoning rules

In order to increase student and family safety the following standards are being clearly communicated:
1) Cross Walks/Intersections:  Drivers and pedestrians are to fully comply with the Safety Patrol at the intersections of Jacob/Glacier and Jacob/Reedhurst.  Cross only at Cross Walks – no Jaywalking!  THANK YOU SAFETY PATROL PARENTS AND STUDENTS! MORE PARENT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

2) Passenger Loading Zones (PLZ) are clearly marked on Reedhurst, Jacob and Glacier.  Vehicles may park to load or unload passengers for up to 5 minutes.  Drivers are to stay in the vehicle.  Reedhurst became very congested last year due to parents leaving their cars in the PLZ.  Keep the traffic moving in a calm way and respect the neighbors, as they have been very tolerant and supportive of our school.

3) The Bus Zone on Glacier is for buses only – no other vehicles are permitted to park in a Bus Zone.  All drivers are to comply with the Bus Monitor’s monitoring of the Bus Zone.

4) Reed Parking Lots are reserved for Staff Parking and Handicapped Parking ONLY.  DO NOT drive through or walk through the parking lot, use the sidewalks and gates.

5) Unrestricted Parking Zones (UPZ) are zones for parking.  Use these zones and other side streets to park and walk on campus.  Please respect our neighbors.
Drivers:  Proceed slowly, follow all rules, follow the law and do not use cell phones while driving, do not park across the street and call for your child to cross – this is not allowed and an unsafe practice for everyone – use the cross walk!

Please read the following guideline for drop-off and pick-up and help us distribute the traffic flow, especially important as we orient to the new school site plan.
DROP OFF:  Students should arrive at school about 10 minutes before school begins but no earlier than 8:30 if coming for breakfast.  All students are to gather by the cafeteria, which is the only location with supervision before school.  Use the PLZ to drop off your child.  Please help us keep the traffic flowing smoothly.
PICK UP:  Use the PASSENGER LOADING ZONE to pick up your child/children according to this plan (unless you plan to park and pick up at the classroom).

If you have a child in:

  • A buildings:  Plan a pick-up location in the PLZ on Jacob or Reedhurst
  • C building:  Plan a pick-up location in the PLZ or UPZ on Reedhurst or Jacob
  • D/E buildings:  Plan a pick-up location in the PLZ or UPZ on Glacier
  • K-1/K-2 on Reedhurst; K-3/K-4 on Glacier

If you have more than one child, have them coordinate and meet you at one routine location.

ALL STUDENTS ARE TO BE OFF CAMPUS WITHIN 10 MINUTES OF THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY.  If they are not picked up they are to come to the front office.


Office Hours - Map and Directions

Office Hours

The Reed School Office is open from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on days school is in session. When visiting or calling the campus (408-535-6247) our wonderful office staff will direct your call or answer any questions you may have. We are pleased to have our dedicated school staff, secretary Diana Muzykal, or clerical office assistant Erin Nash, assist you when you call or visit the office.


Reed Elementary School is located at 1524 Jacob Avenue, San Jose, CA 95118, between Meridian Ave. and Jarvis Ave., in Southwest San Jose.


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Reed School Campus Map

Please click on the following link to access a map of the Reed campus. Reed Site Map.pdf