SJUSD Curriculum, Instruction and EL Services, Assessment Information

In order to support and advance Strategies 3.2 (create a results-drive, district wide accountability system that identifies students’ needs in school, departments, and divisions) and 5.1 (develop an accountability system for all principals and Central Office managers with budget control authority ) of the Strategic Plan, SJUSD is committed to building a comprehensive system of assessment that focuses delivery of an instructional framework that best meets the needs of all students.  Over the last two year, San Jose Unified has been in the initial implementation stage of the SJUSD Scope and Sequences for CCSS math and language arts.  As a part of this process, we have identified and developed SJUSD assessments to ensure alignment of instruction to the SJUSD Scope and Sequences and to the Common Core State Standards.  During this time, we have piloted teacher-created unit assessments and implemented a new district-wide Writing Performance Assessment for the opinion genre.

In collaboration with the Data, research & Assessment Department (DRA), we have created an assessment schedule for classroom, site, and district use.  The tables below outline the mandatory assessments for grades K-5 and the rationales, expectations, and data use that correspond to each assessment.

  • Grade K-5 Unit Assessments
  • Writing Assessments
  • CPAA Assessments
  • Achieve 3000