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Head Lice (Read Me!)

Lice can crawl and cling firmly to hair; they do not jump or fly. They spread mainly through head-to-head contact. Sharing clothing, bed linens, combs, brushes, hair ties, and hats may also pass lice along from one kid to another. Kids are most prone to having lice because they tend to have close physical contact with each other and often share personal items. Pets cannot spread head lice from one kid to another.

It is important to follow lice treatment directions exactly because using them too much or too frequently may be harmful. Follow the directions on the product label to ensure that the treatment works properly.

Students may return to school when all nits have been removed from their hair. Lice eggs (nits) look sort of like dandruff, only brushing or shaking them off can’t remove them. The Health Aide/ Clerk will examine the student’s head before reentry into the classroom.

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