Traffic Flow and Student Safety

Traffic congestion caused by automobiles and buses around River Glen School can create extremely hazardous conditions for our students. Please be aware of and strictly adhere to the Pick-up and Drop-off areas as you enter the parking lot. If your child is not ready and waiting for you, please continue driving and exit the parking lot. It would alleviate traffic congestion if you arrived to pick up your child 5 or 10 minutes after the dismissal bell. Please do not use the staff parking area and please do not enter the long driveway to the right of the school, since there is no room to turn around. If you park your car and walk your child to school, please always use the crosswalks.
Please continue to be considerate of our neighbors. Make sure you do not block their driveways. The garbage trucks need access to their trash for pick up. Please note it is illegal to block driveways. License plates of cars blocking driveways will be noted.

Traffic Plan (PDF)
Bike Permission (PDF)