School Climate and Safety

School Climate and Safety

School Vision: Schallenberger is a nurturing environment where teachers and staff use instructional strategies to teach students the skills necessary to communicate effectively, problem solve, explore, and collaborate while becoming self-assured productive, responsible, lifelong learners who will succeed in an everchanging world.

This translates to two simple priorities.
1. Ensure that Schallenberger is a safe environment.
2. Provide a challenging educational experience so that children can be productive citizens.

WISE Owl Rules:  To promote safety and a positive school community, WISE Owl Rules are in place at all times.  Our school rules can be easily remembered by students with the acronym WISE:

W   We are Respectful
I   I Care
S   Safety Matters
E   Everyone is Responsible

These behaviors are in place in all locations at Schallenberger, including the classroom, the playground, the cafeteria, bathrooms and hallways, and the library and computer lab.

Click here to access our School Matrix of expected behaviors in all locations.

Positive Behaviors can be taught and learned 
We all know that children respond to positive reinforcement more readily than negative correction. We believe all children need instruction in social skills, including rules, just as they need instruction in academic rules.  When children have difficulty with rules, in addition to consequences, we take time to reteach the expected behaviors. We also believe that a strong home and school partnership, especially as children are learning appropriate behaviors, will help our students make good decisions as they are learning proscial behaviors.  We appreciate your support at home!

Schallenberger School’s Anti-Bullying Policy and Plan
Our focus at school is on creating a safe, positive learning environment for your child. Every child should feel included, accepted and supported in furthering their learning and their social development.  With these goals in mind, the following plan is in place should your child experience aggressive or harassing behavior by another child.

Bullying is any aggressive behavior, including verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, name calling, mean teasing, or physical aggression, and is not acceptable.

Click here for Schallenberger School’s Anti-Bullying Policy and Plan