Math Facts in a Flash


Math Facts In A Flash (MFIAF) is part of Renaissance Learning… testing knowledge in basic math facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, square roots, and conversions.  Each level is completed with a test of 40 questions answered in two minutes.  There are 50 levels of tests. Mastering basic math facts is important in understanding more complex math concepts.

Each year students in Grades 1-5 are challenged to work in Math Facts In A Flash, practicing and testing their skills with basic math facts. The Hall of Fame recognizes a student’s completion of the program for the year!  Students receive a Certificate of Completion, signed by the Principal and Classroom Teacher! The MFIAF Hall of Fame is updated and posted here and throughout the school.

Math Facts In A Flash practice can be done in RenPlace: Home Connect.  Log-in as you would at school with your User Name (“s” & Student ID) and Password (birthdate: mmddyy).

Practice at home and Test at school!

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Hall of Fame


4 -Aaron Park 8/30

2 -Nolan Y. Shieh 9/4
5 -Katherine Horng 9/6
4 -Ethan Rosenthal 9/10
5 -Rebecca Ahn 9/12
5 -Emily Nam 9/13
5 -Jasleen Panesar 9/13
5 -Sophia A. Lu 9/17
5 -Alex Z. Chen 9/19
5 -Brian Lim 9/25
3 -Daniel Yoon 9/26
4 -Shaun Ito 9/27

4 -John M. Kim 10/7
5 -Kriistal T. Kim 10/11
3 -Christian Y. Kim 10/11
3 -Brandon M Shoji 10/15
3 -Ethan R. Schweizer 10/24
3 -Sanjana B. Subramanyan 10/24

3 -Neiman K. Nguyen 11/15
3 -Antony Simileysky 11/18

4 -Kevin S. Yang 12/9

1-Dylan E. Rosenthal 1/13
1-Farbod Y. Nasab 1/22
1-Arnav S. Vajirkar 1/29

4-Juhyun Kim 2/6