Health Resources for Parents and Guardians

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Anaphylaxis/ Anafilaxia

www icon  Anaphylaxis
www icon  Tips for Individuals Newly Diagnosed with Anaphylaxis
www icon  Anaphylaxis and Allergies Tips & Guide
www icon  First Aid for an Allergic Reaction
www icon  Prepare for an Allergy Emergency
www icon  Anaphylaxis Quiz
www icon  Stinging Insects Allergy Quiz

Asthma/ Asma

www icon  A Parent’s Guide to Better Breathing
video icon  Reducing or Eliminating Indoor Asthma Triggers at Home

Children’s Health Topics

www iconAutism Information
www iconBreast Health Information for Girls’ in Grades 5-12
www iconChronic Conditions
www iconFlu (Influenza) Information
www iconLearn Hands-Only CPR!


www icon  Dental Health for Young Children


video iconDiabetes Basics Video
video iconHyperglycemia Video
video iconHypoglycemia Video
video iconKetones Video
www icon  Diabetes Youth Family
www icon  Carb DM


www icon Drug Abuse
www icon Drug and Alcohol Abuse and E-Cigarette Information

Food Allergy

www icon  Food Allergy Research and Education Organization
www icon  Resources for Newly Diagnosed Individuals
  Creating a Food Allergy Safety Zone at Home
www icon  Reading Food Labels for Allergy Safety
www icon  Food Allergy Safe Recipes
  Food Allergy Ingredient Substitutions Cheat Sheet

Healthier Classroom Celebrations

  Non-Food Alternatives for Classroom Celebrations
  Healthy Food Ideas


Resource List for LGBTQ Youth and Their Families
LGBTQ Youth Space Flyer

Mental Health

www icon  Children and Teen Mental Health Facts
www icon  Eating Disorders
www icon  National Alliance on Mental Illness
www icon  Self Injury/ Cutting

Nutrition & Food Safety Information


www iconCook Lean: Healthy Recipes for You and Your Family
www iconHarvest of the Month-Network for a Healthy California
www iconChoose My Plate
www iconChoose My Plate Daily Food Plans
www iconFoodborne Illness- What you need to know
www iconAdult Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator
www iconTips for Parents- Ideas to help children maintain a healthy weight

Physical Activity and Exercise


www iconHow much physical activity do you need?
www iconHow to start exercising
www iconHow fit are you?
Physical Activity Intensity: Guide to rating your workouts


www iconScoliosis

La Salud de los Niños Temas

www iconInformacion sobre el Autismo
www iconLa Depresión
www iconLa Diabetes y Los Latinos- Asociación Americana de Diabetes
www iconInstitutos Nacionales de la Salud: Departmento de Salud y Servicios Humanos

Nutrición y Seguridad Alimentaria de Información

Principios Básicos en la Preparación de los Alimentos Inocuos
www iconSeguridad Alimentaria
www iconIntoxicación Alimentaria- lo que usted necesita saber
www iconCalcule su Indice de Masa Corporal (IMC)

Actividad Física

www iconFolleto para padres de familia