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Olinder Behavior Expectations Matrix

Behavior Expectations Matrix (English).pdf
Behavior Expectations Matrix (Spanish).pdf

Teaching Students Appropriate Behavior

PBIS Passport English.pdf
PBIS Passport Spanish.pdf
Bathroom Lesson Plan.pdf
Cafeteria Lesson Plan.pdf
Eating Areas Lesson Plan.pdf
Play Areas Lesson Plan.pdf
Walkways Lesson Plan.pdf
Working Areas Lesson Plan.pdf

Teaching Staff

Staff Overview 8-9-12.pdf
PBIS Tour Guide for Teachers.pdf

Recognizing Appropriate Behavior

OWLinder Hoot Award.pdf

Addressing Behavior in the Cafeteria

Olinder 2
Cafeteria Table Points Poster.pdf

Site Discipline System

Definitions of Problem Behaviors.pdf
Site Response Guide to Problem Behavior.pdf
Office Discipline Referral Form.pdf

Parents / Families

At Olinder’s Fall 2012 Open House, the PBIS team designed this wheel for parents and students to play as they walked around the health fair that night. They could spin the wheel and were asked two questions: one about “fun science facts about owls” and the other question about expectations, rules, or locations on the behavior expectations matrix which was on a poster at the table.
olinder 1

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