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Allen at Steinbeck K-8

Allen at Steinbeck: Gator Goals

Allen Vision & Mission

Allen Matrix

Click here to download a printable version of the matric above:
Allen at Steinbeck Matrix.pdf

Lesson Plans

Click here to view and download Allen at Steinbeck’s Behavior Expectations Lesson Plans:
Bathroom Lesson Plan.pdf
Library Individual Lesson Plan.pdf
Library Class Lesson Plan.pdf
Lines Lesson Plans.pdf
Lunch Area Lesson Plans.pdf
Playground Lesson Plans.pdf
Stop Walk Talk Quick Reference.pdf

Teaching Videos

Hallway Skit
Line Skit
Lunchroom Skit
Playground Skit

Teaching Logistics

Fall 2013 Weeklong Teaching in Context.pdf

Classroom Behavior Support Systems

Classroom Procedure Poster ideas.pdf
Go-for-the-Gold Parent Letter.pdf
Go for the Gold (Ms. Roth's K Chart)

Behavior Recognition Systems

Gator Tickets.pdf
Allen Behavior Recognition Systems 2013-14.pdf
Fill-a-Bucket and Rock-n-Roll Recess.pdf

Systematic Supervision Training for Staff

Trainer Logistics, Pt 1.pdf
Trainer Logistics, Pt 2.pdf
Yard Duty Movement Map.pdf
Get to Know Me activity.pdf
Positive Reinforcement Activity.pdf
Simple Choice Flow Chart.pdf
Simple Choice Role Play Activity.pdf

Site Discipline System

Allen Office Discipline Referral form.pdf
Allen Referral Form Definitions_12-13-10.pdf
Allen Flow Chart Response to Problem Behaviors.pdf

Orienting Guest Teachers

Process for Orienting Substitutes to Gator Goals.pdf
Directions for Guest Teachers (Gator Goals).pdf
Guest Teacher Gator Ticket.pdf

Blending Gator Goals to Families

Gator Goals at Home - homework assignment).pdf
Spanish version HW assignment.pdf

Behavior Supports for Students At Risk for Developing Serious or Chronic Behavior Problems

Orienting Transfer Students to our School

Process for Orienting Substitutes to Gator Goals.pdf
Guest Teacher Reminder.pdf
New Student Passport.pdf

Check-in Check-out Intervention

Critical Features of CICO Intervention.pdf
CICO Coordinator Role
CICO Home-School Liaison.pdf
CICO Mentor Guidelines.pdf
Daily Points Card.pdf
CICO Student Identification.pdf
Teacher Referral Form.pdf
CICO Student Agreement.pdf
CICIO Student Rewards Menu.pdf
You Did It! Points Goal Award.pdf
Overview of CICO to Staff.pdf
Tracking Students on CICO.pdf
CICO Parent Permission Slip.pdf
Thumbs Up ticket (for home).pdf
Guest Teacher CICO Process.pdf
Guest Teacher Gator Ticket.pdf

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