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Bachrodt’s Eagle Pride: Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Productive, Be Respectful and Be Responsible

Behavior Expectations

Behavior Matrix-English and Spanish.pdf

Visual Reminders of Appropriate Behavior

Posters Working Areas.pdf
Poster Bathrooms.pdf
Poster Eating Areas.pdf
Poster Recess Area.pdf
Poster Lines and Hallways.pdf

Teaching Appropriate Behavior

Bathroom Lesson Plan.pdf
Eating Areas Lesson Plan.pdf
Lines and Hallways Lesson Plan.pdf
Recess Areas Lesson Plan.pdf
Classroom Lesson Plan.pdf
Computer Lab Lesson Plan.pdf
Library Lesson Plan.pdf
Office Lesson Plan.pdf

Behavior at Recess

Recess play is an essential part of a student’s development and health.  It gives students a chance to practice and use what they are learning and has a vital connection to their education.  Bachrodt asks families to review the playground rules and agree to follow them.  Bachrodt Student Yard Recess Rules.pdf

Site Discipline System

Office Discipline Referral Form.pdf




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