Common Core Standards

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are new educational standards in English/language arts and math that have been adopted by almost all of the states in the nation (45 to date). The intent of these standards is to provide consistency in instruction nationwide. The “common” in the name refers to the fact that they’re national.

Content standards are the “what” students will learn. Individual school districts, schools and teachers determine “how” this information is delivered to students. Here in SJUSD, teachers have created units of study and mapped out their content to align with the standards.

So parents might notice that their child’s math class isn’t following the exact order of chapters in their book, or that students are writing in classes that previously didn’t require writing—like art. Desks might be arranged differently to allow for student collaboration. These changes are all examples of the way SJUSD teachers are modifying instruction as they begin standards implementation.

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