Social Skills

Social Skills Classes

It is our belief that children need to learn how to channel their feelings and emotions, both positive and negative, in appropriate ways while they are young. Children also need to learn how to communicate verbally and emotionally to their parents, teachers and peers.

Children can be very successful academically, but many of them don’t know how to handle their emotions when their peers are challenging them. Bullying incidents happen everywhere and are not limited only to Middle School and High School.

It is important that children know how to advocate for themselves in an appropriate way. Children need to learn how to interact with their teachers, parents, and peers, especially when they encounter experiences out of their comfort zone.

We want to introduce these social skills to your child as early as kindergarten so they know the correct way to express their feelings and thoughts so their parents, teachers, and understand them.
Our school counselor, Mrs. Yau, facilitates a weekly Social Skills class to teach children appropriate skills in order to secure a happy, healthy relationship with their teachers and peers at school.

We want to ensure your child will not only learn the needed social skills to relate to others, but will also have a happy, memorable six years at Williams. Please contact Mrs. Yau for more information regarding the social skills program. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)