Career Exploration

Willow Glen High School uses a variety of web-based programs with students, to facilitate Career Exploration. Details and links are given below.


The Career section of this excellent website aims to help students identify and prepare for a career that suits individual skills, values, interests, and personality. Students can read, explore and utilize the following sections to help them determine, pursue, and attain their goals.

General Career Information - offers a quick overview of the challenges and opportunities faced in choosing a career.
Career Self Assessment—questionnaires to assess skills, values, interests and personality.
Student-Career Matching Assistant—determines which careers match individual interests.
Career Lists — browse jobs and learn all about related majors and matching schools.
Teaching Careers —learn about becoming a teacher in California.
Nursing Careers—learn about becoming a nurse in California.
Fastest-Growing Careers—check out some of the hottest careers in California.

California Occupational Guides

Students can explore careers through an Occupation Search, or career topics through the Topic Search.  Each occupational guide includes a job description, job outlook and wages, qualification requirements and links to related occupations.

California Career Zone

California Career Zone is a web-based career exploration system that allows users to take self assessment tests and explore career options.

Bay Area Career Guide

California community colleges offer career and technical education degrees and certificates to prepare for employment and advancement in all kinds of occupations—from business to biotechnology, computers to construction, health care to transportation. Bay Area Career Guide is a free online resource to discover, understand and pursue hundreds of career and technical education (CTE) opportunities at San Francisco Bay Area’s 26 community colleges.